Playing the the Snow with Snoots!

Tahoe has gotten SO much snow's great!  But it's really the first time we've had to deal with gear for Ethan since the last three years have been relatively dry.

If you're like me and you live in a snowy climate with kiddos...or in this case a know how difficult it can be to find quality snow gear.  We have traditional snow boots, but they are super clunky and hard to run around with, which is obviously no bueno for toddlers on the go!

Which is why I got excited to test out Stride Rite's new "snoot" which is essentially a boot top with a sneaker bottom.  Genius right?!

Stride Rite is known for their comfortable shoes which allows Ethan to run around with ease, and of course, the beauty of these babies is that his feet stay warm and dry too!

We were boring and went with black, but they also come in three other colors AND they have Star Wars and Frozen too!

Definitely check them out!

xo natasha


  1. We love Emerson's MJ stride rite shoes. We'll have to look into these for next winter.

  2. We will have to check these out! Cam loves his BOGS, but I feel like we need different pairs for different situations!

  3. I have no idea what to bring up for P when we come next month! Poor babe is probably going to be freezing!

  4. we were approached with the snoots too but i knew i would struggle to write this post in southern california lol. and i would have been boring too with black or pink. not a huge character fan over here!