Life Lately // AKA Life with Two Kiddos!

I used to have it all figured out.  I posted five days a week on this blog...worked...worked out...and enjoyed "my" time.  And then I had kids...and all hell broke loose!!  ;)

But in all seriousness, you've probably been wondering what the heck I've been doing and the truth is, I'm just surviving over here!  Life with two kiddos is a game changer...oh, and working full-time too!  Notice, I haven't mentioned my husband??  Don't worry, he's here...but we're in full on survival mode these days.  

I had a blogger friend email me the other day, asking how I do it all.  And the simple answer is, I don't.  Not even close!  But here's what I told her:

First of all, you are one amazing lady and you need to remind yourself of that every single day! Working full-time, being a wife and mom full-time, AND trying to blog regularly is not easy!  

I've decided that I can do it all, just not all at once...does that make sense??  

I don't have time to blog every day right now...just not gonna happen.  But I do try to commit to twice a week and I don't beat myself up if I can't do even that.  It's life.  Work is SO hard right really, really hard, but I'm committed and it's ultimately up to me to manage my time.  I try to wrap up at 5pm every night and be present when I get home. Ryan and I split after work duties...he cooks, I play/bathe/and attempt to feed dinner  Oh and we have a house cleaner that comes every other week.  Best thing ever.  We can't really afford her but we refuse to turn back because it is SO helpful!  She does laundry, dishes and's a life saver.  

My best advice?  Breathe! And don't feel guilty.  Oh, and it's Friday...have a glass of wine!! ;)

And then, I read Little Baby Garvin's post and literally felt like I had nothing to complain about!!  :)  Whew, three kids sounds fun, doesn't' it?!!

Oh and I also read Cup of Jo's post and decided wine is the answer to all things!

Funny how a change of perspective cures all, amiright?!

So anyway, forgive me for my absence, but know I am here and I still love you all!  Follow me on Instagram and Snapchat (schuelove) for more regular updates!

xo natasha by me, in Tahoe.  My happy place!  :)


  1. Word girl!... Some how I was able to keep up with posting before K turned 1, (naps!!), bur this year I've fallen behind too. Oh well, it's the season and priorities are different. virtual fist bump, keep chugging along sister

  2. I honestly don't know how working parents find time to blog every day! Without naps/quiet time I don't know when I'd find the time! And yes, a cleaning lady is a must when you both work full time! I want one but can't justify it (or rather convince my husband) since I am home ;). I really just hate cleaning bathrooms!

  3. Yeah I'm pretty sure there will be radio silence on my blog after B2 arrives. I'm struggling now with O not napping regularly -- sleep and other life stuff just comes first. I imagine there will be a day when it becomes doable again!

  4. Whew! Glad my bogging isn't the only one thats slacking.. two is cray. Some days I am watching that clock on the wall HARD waiting for my husband to come home. Props to you mama for working, too!! and yes, wine is a cure all.

  5. Dude I have ONE child and still find it incredibly hard to post 5 days a week (I am proud when I can squeeze out two!) You're doing great and I am so excited that our littles finally get to meet at the end of this month! Miss you face!! xoxo

  6. No one can blame you for not posting 5 days a week, I have no children and still can't manage to post that often. Life takes over and blogs no longer become a priority and we all understand! We aren't going anywhere so don't you worry about it xo

  7. Yeah, I'm going to need an extra large glass of the vino tonight!!!

    I kind of feel like right now I do have the time to blog but all of my creative abilities have just been absolutely sucked dry lol. I'm good for a photo dump and that's about all these days.

  8. You're doing great Mama!! I read Jessica's post this morning too and I wonder how in the world she is surviving with 3 so close in age too! I know it has to be so hard. I'm scared to death of a second one coming next month!!! You're honesty is always appreciated :)

  9. Girl, you don't know how helpful your advice really was. I literally went to my husband right after I read it and said "I don't know if we can afford it, but I think we need to get a house cleaner to come clean". Even once a month would be so helpful! And we obviously don't live in filth, but I could use someone to come really clean the bathrooms and scrub the floors and base boards. Things I just don't have time for. I wish we lived closer! I would give you a big ol hug and we can have a glass (or bottle) of wine together :) xo

  10. You are amazing - and so inspiring to us mommas!! You can be very proud of all that you accomplish!!

  11. Oh, thanks for sharing this. Sometimes I'm over here feeling that for sure - 'how am I so behind, and all these other gals are just on top of EVERYTHING..?!?!?!' Two kids is so much fun, I love my job, but the office is beyond crazy and I feel like these two little ones cut the hours of my day in half. There is definitely wine in my future today, TGIF momma!! :)

  12. LOVE THIS and the realness you bring to the internet. We're in one kid land but definitely look up to women like you!