Happy 7 Months Wyatt!

Our sweet little Wy Guy is seven months old today!  This last month was a complete blur, being smack dab in the middle of summer, but I have to say that this is also my most favorite stage of babyhood.  Wyatt is old enough to really have his own little personality...squawking whenever one of us enters the room and always locking eyes with us--me in particular. He's sitting up and playing and loves watching his big brother.  But he's still a little baby...I love that he snuggles and is not mobile yet.  He still enjoys his swing and smells SO heavenly...I just love giving him kisses on his soft cheeks.

This past month we had some milestone:

Introduced solids this past month: baby oatmeal, sweet potatoes and fruit pouches
Sitting up pretty solidly on his own now
Sits in the main part of his stroller
Rolls a ton
Makes a clicking noise with his tongue
Starting to babble
Sleeping pretty well through the night
On 100% formula as of 6 months
Can put his pacifier back in his mouth on his own

I am of course biased, but I just think he such a handsome little guy and he's so so alert all the time.  He LOVES when his daddy nuzzles his neck...he will just crack up.  And Ethan can make him laugh too.  He's less and less content being on his back, whether for a diaper change or to play.  You can tell he wants to be on the go and we are pretty sure he has a bad case of FOMO.  This kid has to be in the middle of the action.

I am trying to take it all in, but of course, I am so excited for him to get bigger and more fun for Ethan.  They are pretty darling together right now though.  I am sure that the day they are rough-housing around the house I will kick myself for wishing the baby away!  ;)

Happy seven months to our sweet little boy!

xo natasha

See Ethan's 7 month update here!


  1. What a cutie!! I can't believe he's seven months already! So many new things this month - he's turning into a little boy!!

  2. Awww he's so adorable!! It's really awesome that you are writing down his progress because you can look back at it any time you want!


  3. Totally had to google FOMO (I'm always behind!), but glad I did because it also describes my little 7 month old as well, although she is fully mobile! Love his cute little outfit!

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  5. Oh my goodness, he is just the cutest little thing! That smile kills me! How is already this big?! This year has just flown by.