Anniversary by Year Gift Ideas

This past Friday was our sixth wedding anniversary {you can see our wedding photos here!}.  I always struggle with gift ideas but love the idea of following the traditional gift themes.  Some of them, however, are a little odd, so I hope this helps you think outside the box if you find yourself in the same quandary!

1 Year: Paper

Personalized stationary is a great gift for the first anniversary.  You can personalize it with your new monogram or names.  Another idea could be tickets to a fun show or ball game!

2 Year: Cotton

I don't care who you are, new sheets are always a good idea!  And these are my absolute FAVORITE!!  They're Pure Beech Sateen and they are so so soft.  They feel like a million bucks but they are at a great price point.  This would be a sure winner for a second anniversary gift.

3 Year: Leather

This handsome leather strapped watch is unisex so you can both have the gift of leather.  I also love the idea of a weekender bag to get away for a quick trip!

4 Year:  Fruits & Flowers

There are a couple ways to have fun with this theme, without going the obvious route.  Though, let me be clear, a bouquet of flowers is always a great anniversary gift, regardless of the year!  ;)  But some other ideas are a pretty new bottle of citrusy perfume {guy version is a favorite too!}, a nice candle or a fruity wine.

5 Year: Wood

There are a lot of directions to go with wood, but I tend to think of terms of practicality!  Whether it's new kitchen utensils or tools, like this handsome cutting board, there are a lot of options.  Another fun one might be a special bassinet...which can be a keepsake for your baby and grandbabies!  ;)

6 Year: Candy

This one is easy...but there are some fun ways to take it to the next level.  I love specialty candy and Nordstrom now sells Dylan's Candy Bar and Sugarfina, which makes those treats a little more accessible!  Yum!

7 Year: Copper + Wool

For something fun, I love this copper coffee set!  Super fancy, don't you think?  I also love this copper cheese set.  However, if you're looking for something more practical, you might go the wool route and buy a new area rug, like this or this!

8 Year: Bronze

Keeping in the same vein of the copper gift year, I love these bronzed cheese knives...which would pear great with a unique cheese and a nice bottle of wine!  Another idea might be to update your bed with a handsome bronzed nailhead headboard.

9 Year: Pottery

Nine years post wedding likely means that you have some chipped dinnerware, so this is a great time to update your plates or add some new bowls or dessert plates in to mix it up!

10 Year: Tin

Tin?!  Other than a play on words, I don't get this gift idea.  But in the spirit of this post, I love this recipe tin that would make a great accompaniment with a BIG kitchen appliance like a mixer, juicer, or a Nespresso machine!  Also pans or a new knife set is a nice way to splurge {albeit, not very romantic!}.  Or seem appropriate for a big milestone like ten years!!  ;)

I hope this helps and that you are all enjoying the weekend!!

xo natasha


  1. I never knew half of these, thanks for the education, I'll tell my husband ;)

  2. We always do traditional gifts for our anniversary - this year is our 5 years and I am trying to get clever with the wood gift for my hubs x

  3. This is great. We have never done the traditional route - though maybe as we progress we will (doubtful at this point) but 10 years to me = a bucket list item. We are thinking either Greece or sky diving!

  4. Love these ideas! We do traditional gifts each year and love it :)

  5. these are all so cute! love those cheese boards!