Friday Five

Happy Friday!  I am especially happy the weekend is here...this week seemed a little longer than usual--I'm sure it's because of the building anticipation with the holidays around the corner!

I am SOOOO excited for Disney's new's my very favorite Disney movie and this version looks amazing.  Have you seen the trailer yet?  Contrarily, I'm not as excited for the new Annie...I mean, can you really replace Carol Burnett as Miss Hannigan?

I am also really happy that Real Housewives of Beverly Hills is back.  TV has been so slow lately and I just can't get enough of these crazy ladies.  I am especially happy that Carlton is gone!

If you missed my holiday wish list, you can find it here.  I'm thinking I also want to add a nice, new robe, especially for the hospital after I've delivered this little bambino.

Have you seen this video?!  My husband and I were cracking up over it and also secretly freaking out.  This is SO going to be our life before we know it.  #lifewithtwoboys

Last, I'm so excited to introduce my newest sponsor, Caley of Ellie Love.  Caley is a total sweetheart and I'm in love with her sweet little family.  Be sure to get to know her below {check out her house!!} and pop over to say hi!  ;)

Hi everyone!
My name is Caley - a 29 year old lucky lady living in Durban, South Africa and I blog over at Ellie Love.

I married to the man of my dreams, Marc on 2 October 2010 after four years of dating long distance (between South Africa and London). In April 2012, we were blessed with our first daughter, Sophie Jade and in May 2014, another little princess, Ellie Nicole (no she wasn't named after my blog!) joined our family.

I am currently a stay-at-home-mom to our two little girls but have a Bachelors Degree of Arts and a Post Grad in Education - I am therefore a qualified Intermediate school teacher. Before having children, I worked in PR and Advertising working on print advertisements, events and press releases for many Unilever products before furthering my studies and teaching for a few months. I am very grateful to be able to be at home with our girls and be an active part of their daily lives.

I also spent the year of 2013, project managing the building of our dream home. We were so blessed to be able to purchase land and build a home from scratch - it was a huge achievement and great fun for me to plan and watching the building go up, brick by brick. I absolutely love every square of our home.

I love to travel, cook and bake, read books and magazines, organise and host parties, blog and teach and being with friends. I am A-type personality with OCD so I love to get involved, organise and write lists. It is no surprise then that I would love to start my own business - either opening a small play school for toddlers or a party planning business - both require organisation and planning. My own business would also allow me the flexibility of being a SAHM too!

I started a blog just after we got married but with severe morning sickness in my first pregnancy, I was unable to blog consistently and gave it up altogether. I started my new little creative space: Ellie Love in 2012 when I craved and missed the creativity of writing and the opportunity of having an online diary  to share with friends and family, and meet new blogging friends all over the world.

My blog is labeled a lifestyle blog as I blog about anything and everything that goes on in our lives - from recipes to reviews, holidays to parties, good times and bad times, blog challenges and goals, motherhood and marriage. It's a little a bit of everything.

I look forward to having you over at Ellie Love and getting to know you all a bit better.
Thank you Natasha for having me - a friend of yours is a friend of mine.

Thanks so much to Caley for stopping by!  I hope you all have a wonderful weekend!

xo natasha


  1. I love Caley's blog! As a fellow South African (living in London, UK) I am a big fan :) Also, random tidbit, but the lead actress in the new Cinderella movie is a family friend of mine (true story - her family live down the road from my aunt and uncle over here and I have spent many summers swimming in their pool and hanging out with her family) - so I am also super excited for this to be released next year and see Lily on the big screen again! Have a great weekend!

    Lu xx

  2. omg i cant wait to see cinderella! that movie preview was sooo good. and LOL my husband showed me the video of the kids with the paint on their faces the other night... soo much fun stuff to look forward to haha! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. A good robe is on my list, too! I think we deserve that for going through labor and delivery!! :) I haven't watched RHOBH in too long...I may have to pick up this habit again!! :) Have a great weekend!

  4. I also wrote about RHOBH being back. I was about to give up on them last year, but now with the two soap opera actresses, I'm willing to see how this one goes. That and Vanderpump are my two guilty pleasures on Bravo right now :)

  5. I'm so glad RHOBH is back and I'm so glad Carlton's gone too. I love Lisa Rinna and I think she'll be a fun add to the show.

  6. I went to see Andy Cohen here in San Francisco the other night and Rashida Jones interviewed him. He said she wants everyone to pretend that last season of RHOBH never happened.