Design Showcase: Nursery Turned Big Boy Room

Ahhh!  I am so excited to start sharing some of the spaces that you've so graciously asked me to help with.  Again, I can't thank you enough for the lovely comments and emails I've received since asking if any of you wanted help updating your home.  It's been SO much fun hearing from you and getting glimpses into the places you call home.  

First up, is mama Elizabeth...mama to her 19 month old son, Mason.   Elizabeth shared some pictures of Mason's nursery and asked to have it updated to make it more of a big boy room.  Some words from Elizabeth:

When Mason was first born, we lived in an apartment and I had set up his nursery with an owl theme - specifically owls from Dwell Studio. Then we moved into a townhouse to have more space but I never fully re-did his nursery. Now that he is getting older (he is 19 months now) I would like more of a "big boy" theme but have no idea where to start!  The pictures are of what his room looks like now. Except the book shelf with the owl pictures above his dresser/changing pad are not there anymore...because he pulled the shelf down the other night! Boys! I do still love the owl prints though so if they could be incorporated still, that would be awesome, but if not, I will totally use them elsewhere. That "M" is one of those zinc letters from Anthropologie that I think you showed in one of your collages and I love love love it. I would totally be open to buying more to spell out his name.

I loved the sweet owls and the fact that the space is basically a blank canvas.  The room was craving a bit more color and personality, but the good news was that all of the nuts and bolts were in place.  Add a fun rug, whimsical curtains and a couple additional "forest-friendly" pieces, and voila...we've got a fun boy room for Mason!

As I said above, I love the Dwell Studio inspired owls that already hang on Mason's wall so I thought it would be fun to incorporate them more into a gallery wall layout.  The cute owl mirror, deer head and squirrel clock round out the forest theme while also adding a mature touch.  Of course, if Mason has the owls on his wall, he must have them in his bed too.  The Dwell bedding is too cute to pass up and will really add a special touch to his room.

Since there are already blinds on the window, a light curtain will the trick and this Land of Nod version  is a steal for $21 per panel.  I also love this striped rug to add some color and interest into the room.  

Last, a couple decorative pillows, colorful baskets and those adorable zinc letters {Elizabeth can even decide to spell out his initials instead} will pull the room together and make it feel complete.

I had so much for reimagining this room for Mason {and it got the wheels turning for Ethan's big boy room too!}.  I hope he loves it and can't wait to see the updated space.

Next up will be a family room update, with a unique wall color.  Can't wait to share!  :)

xo natasha


  1. that rug really changes the whole room! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. So cute!! I LOVE the rug and the bedding!! Good job, lady!

  3. Super cute. Love the owl prints, and how you incorporated them in with some other pieces for a gallery wall.

  4. Cute, cute, cute. Those curtains are so light, airy and perfect for this nursery.

  5. I LOVE LOVE LOVE the whole thing! Thank you so much for the inspiration! I can't wait to start shopping and decorating and of course to share the updated space with you! Thank you!!

  6. I love it!! The rug and curtains are such great ways to add more color to the room :)

    Btw, is that an app or software program you use to group the pictures together?

    1. Thanks so much! :)
      I use Polyvore for my and easy!

  7. Awesome job!! I love how you incorporated wheat she has with a few new key pieces!!

  8. Oh I love your ideas! Especially that rug!

  9. Such great ideas Natasha!! I love everything you picked! So excited to start thinking of Cole's big boy room too! And can't wait to see more of these posts! XO!

  10. You are so good at this!! I have a feeling these design posts are going to be some of my favorites! What a great idea! I can't wait to see what you come up with for us! Although I may ask that you not share it publicly just yet (I want it to be a surprise and we can both do big reveals later). :) YAY!!

  11. you did a great job natasha! it looks wonderful! i especially love that rug!

  12. Very nicely done! I'm working on changing Elie's nursery into a toddler room.... haven't made any changes YET, but collecting ideas still. Thank you for this awesome post, since it's given me some ideas! xo