Ethan is 19 Months!

I cannot believe Ethan is closer to turning two instead of being one crazy is that?!  Ethan turned 19 months on the 26th and I swear time is flying!!

What's New:  
Ethan is becoming more observant by the day.  The other day, I asked him where Papa was {Ryan was on the phone with him} and Ethan walked over to our Christmas card display and pointed right to him on their Christmas card.  I was amazed.  And THEN while we were watching Bruno Mars during the halftime show at Super Bowl, Ethan knew the exact timing of the chorus where it goes...HUH.  And even did a little fist pump too.  Twice!  Seriously amazing.  Haha!  He also loves to climb.  He is a little monkey.  He climbs on the table and on top of his car.

OH and we started swim lessons...which is super fun!

Ethan's in 18 month for the most part...with some 12-18 and some 18-24.  Still wearing size 3 diapers and size 4 shoe.

Still a picky eater, BUT we found out he's a little over 23 pounds which is officially in the 12th percentile.  Boo yeah!  Ethan likes eggs, PB&J sandwiches, chicken sticks, gold fish, and fruit smoothies or yogurt as of late.  He also loves banana.

12 total.  4 molars and 8 front teeth.  

We're getting more and more words...mainly through mimicking.  He loves mimicking animal noises and he just started saying 'oh uh'.  He can say 'dada' no problem, and when you ask him to say mama, he says 'dada'.  Figures.  I especially love when he has little conversations with himself.  Too cute.

Reading Bear, Brown Bear.  The Peek-a-Fridge app...he especially when all of the fruit dance at the end.  Vacuuming.  Giving and receiving kisses...but mostly receiving.  Still loves his paci too, which we are desperately trying to ween.  Blankets...he sleeps with at least two at night.  Last, he loves to dance.  And brush his teeth.   

Ethan wants what he wants and he wants it NOW...otherwise a meltdown follows.  We can tell he gets frustrated because he wants something but can't quite communicate it.  Just yesterday, when we were driving home, he was screaming crying, and I knew it was because he wanted a smoothie.  So I started telling him that I would make him one when we got home and we started talking about all of the fruit I would put in it, and he miraculously stopped crying.  I have to remember to give him more credit.  He really does understand so much more than we realize.

We just got back from can read all about it here.  As well as my tips for traveling here.
Ethan loved the beach, which makes me so excited for the summertime.  But it was pretty cute...when we got back to Tahoe, it had recently been snowing and when he saw all of the snow, he gave us a huge smile.  He's definitely a mountain boy at heart.  :)

xo natasha


  1. He really is a big boy now and no longer a baby! That's so funny he says dada for you too! Noah only says a few words now and it's usually mama. He even calls my husband that and I know he wishes he'd say dada.

  2. What a big boy! He looks so much like your hubby. Thanks for sharing. I've been feeling sad about my girly turning one next week, but this post made me look forward to all the exciting times to come.

  3. Sweet boy! They definitely understand more than we think, crazy how quickly they catch on to things!

  4. Aw, he's a little Bruno Mars fan! That's amazing that he knew when the chorus was coming. Aren't they full of surprises? It really is amazing when they start understanding / communicating more too. Like what you were saying about the smoothie. That kind of communication has made our life 10x easier!

  5. My 18 month old is such a picky eater which I'm convinced results in even more tantrums. :/ it is so overwhelming sometimes. How do you deal with the meltdowns?

  6. He's grown so quickly!

    Alex :) x

  7. Another fave blogger I read just posted about getting rid of her toddler's binky...apparently it worked for both of her kids!

  8. I just can't believe how big he is now! What happened to Ethan the baby? I love the part about him knowing the Bruno Mars song and pointing out Daddy. Such a smart guy! Aunty Reyn misses him!

  9. He is growing so quickly!! Hard to believe he was ever so little! I need to get up to visit you before he hits the two year mark!

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  11. what a little stud muffin! He's looking so much more like daddy now!

  12. That is hilarious about the smoothie! Lol.

  13. Such a cute story about the smoothie. And I love his hair!

  14. Oh what a little cutie!! He's getting so grown up!

  15. How fun to see all of the photos of Ethan! Such a cutie. He is growing up so quickly and a handsome little guy with the biggest smile. He does look a lot like your husband. Glad you all had a nice vacation!

  16. Boys are just daredevils! I love that curly hair, it is too cute. I have a little peanut too; he's 18 months and only 22 pounds! He was big but now he's so active he never gains weight!