Trendy Tot Tuesday: Dressing a Tweener + Link Up

Happy Tuesday!  I'm so excited to be hosting the Trendy Tot Tuesday link-up today!  Thank you to Kelly at Modern CamelotLindsay at Baby Mama Drama, and Megan at Table for Three for inviting me!

Ethan's at the funny {awesome!} age where he can fit into both baby and toddler clothes.  It's really REALLY great because it essentially doubles our options.  What's not to love?  Since Ethan doesn't wear onesies anymore we look to the toddler section for more variety, but the pants and sweaters in the baby section are cheaper.  I also like the elastic on the jeans in the baby section...more comfy for our little man.  Win-win!

Checkered Shirt :: TODDLER
Beanie :: TODDLER
Waffle Knit Tee :: BABY
Sherpa-Lined Marled Hoodie :: TODDLER
Corduroy Pants :: BABY
High-Top Sneaker :: TODDLER
Lined Jeans :: BABY

Gap, Old Navy, Zara, H&M, and J.Crew all have sections with both baby and toddler options.  Have you discovered this phenomenon yet?!

I am also giving a shout out to this cutie Ace of Imperfectly Perfect Mom who is the Tot of the Week!

Now it's your up a fun fashion post of your tot below!!

xo natasha


  1. I am loving this stage, too!! I love being able to still buy baby stuff because some of the Toddler stuff doesn't fit him quite right yet! Thank goodness for the GAP...I think 90% of Cam's clothes are from there because they fit the best and they have the best sales!!

  2. We are at the same stage and it is great!! I am loving those lined jeans for our cold winters! :)

  3. Love the lined jeans! Can't wait for our little one to hit this stage - I'd love to double the outfit options!

  4. So cute Natasha! Love Zara and J Crew for their cute clothes!

  5. Everytime I am in these store I want to buy for the future. But for fear of jinxing myself I don't!

  6. I keep forgetting about H&M for kids, I need to remember that. I love all of those above items, esp the lined jeans!

  7. Oh, I want every single one of those items for Mac. I love this link-up. Unfortunately my child is probably the most untrendy kid ever b/c he lives in pajamas (still) and Carter's matching outfits. Ugh. I need to step up my game.