Calling All Southern CA Residents!

First, before I kick off this post, I want to announce the winner of the $100 Minted's Rachel, mother of will be their first Christmas card!  Congrats!!  :)

Speaking of Christmas cards, my photographer Darcy, of Artyard Photography will be down in Laguna Beach this weekend for and is shooting mini-sessions for the holidays!

If you've seen our family photos, then you know how good she is with kids and how amazing her photos turn out.  Ethan just lights up around her and she always catches the perfect moment.  

It's rare that she offers these sessions down south so if you're starting to think about your Christmas cards, definitely shoot her an email to book a session. 

You can reach her at

xo natasha


  1. Oh my this is really tempting!!! She will be in my neck of the woods!

  2. oh nice! i am trying talk the hubby into! Its like pulling teeth trying to get him to take pictures! lol

  3. Love this! Thanks for sharing, we'll have to check her out!

  4. if my bff wasn't a photographer I would be all over this! she does great work!