My Favorite Looks: Emmy Awards

I thought Sunday night's Emmy Awards was actually one of the best in a while, but I was pretty underwhelmed by the dresses on the red carpet.  Here would be my top five, in no particular order:

Only a dancer like Julianne Hough could get away with this dress, but I thought she looked beautiful.

Sofia Vergara looked stunning in Vera Wang.

Claire Danes dress does not photograph well but it was really gorgeous on camera.  I'm just not sure it was the best cut for her on top.

Malin Akerman's dress was another stunner on camera.  I absolutely love all of the texture and the pale blue.

But I think the men really stole the show this year...I mean, how much do you love these two?  And I'm so happy Breaking Bad won for Best Drama.  I can hardly contain my excited over the series finale THIS Sunday!  Ahhh!!!

Did you watch the show on Sunday?  Any looks I'm missing?!

All images from E Online

xo natasha

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  1. I too wasn't really wowed by the fashion but I did like Allison Williams' dress... Classic and elegant!

  2. Claire Danes' dress was my very fave--although I agree the top was a bit awkward on her. She may have needed a bit more coverage or tighter fit. Sort of reminded me of Gweneth Paltrow's when she won an Oscar -- that pink dress.

  3. Sofia is always a bombshell! My fave look :) And not just because my daughter's name is Sofia ;)

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  4. I loved all these looks too, but totally agree about Claire Danes--that top is not super flattering in photos! I also liked Taylor Schilling's dress (from Orange is the New Black) and Kaley Cuoco's dress as well! xoxo

  5. Love Julianne's dress. You're right...only a dancer could really pull this off. But she was stunning!

  6. I only caught the tail end of the show but underwhelmed is right!

  7. Julianne has been getting on the worst dressed list a lot, but I loved it too! You're right, not everyone could pull it off!

  8. Julianne Hough's dress is gorgeous! But, Clare Dane's top does look semi odd on top for her - not entirely flattering. I always remember these things the day after and never end up seeing them!

  9. Jessie and Walt!! What a great picture of the two of them. I'm not sure if I'll be able to handle the finale..I was so emotional last Sunday!

    Out of all the dresses here, I love Julianne's the most. So gorgeous and I love that color.

  10. i actually really didnt like claire dane's dress... i was reallly distracted by how low it was. it should be pulled up. a LOT. i reallllly loved the girl from downton abbey (in the colorblocked red). so gorgeous! i still need to catch up on breaking bad.. we're still a few episodes behind. i know ill be sad when it ends tho. xo jillian of cornflake dreams

  11. I love your top choices! I was a hugeeee fan of Malin's dress!