Ethan is 13 Months!

Today, Ethan turns 13 months!

I've decided I will track his monthly progress from here on out.  Things don't seem to change as rapidly as they did his first year, but of course, every day is a new adventure!  Here's what our little man has been up to this past month:

What's New? 
Well, something that is not new is that E is still not walking.  I'm not too concerned but I did envision him walking this summer.  Now I'm not so sure!  In many ways, it's been a blessing in disguise.  Between his Aunt Lauren's wedding on June 29th and all the traveling we've been doing, it's been nice that he's not running around like a wild child.  While he may not be walking, he's basically doing everything else from cruising to climbing to crawling like crazy.  So getting around is definitely not a problem!

We've also officially transitioned to a toddler carseat.  Oh what a difference it makes!

I was surprised to learn that he weighed just a little over 20 pounds at his one year appointment, which is right on track with his weight gain, but still!  He is 30 inches tall though...lean and mean!

Ethan wears 12-18 month clothes...and some 9 month shorts.  But he's almost starting to outgrow his 12 month jammies!  He wears size 3 diapers.

 Ethan still eats a lot of purees, purely because it's convenient.  He likes the meat blends which is good and also loves finger foods.  He eats everything from cheese-it crackers, cheerios, rice cakes, chips, any and all types of berries, hummus, shredded chicken, guacamole, cheese, animal crackers...the list goes on.  We need to start getting more creative with his meals, but of course, we're away from him during the day five days a week, so 'easy' usually wins out. 

As for his bottle...welp, we have started to add cow's milk to his formula, but his diaper rash has been flairing up.  Who knows if it's related or not, but we're being cautious right now.  I also know that we need to transition to a sippy cup sooner than later.  Any advice on making the transition is welcome!

This past week, Ethan also got his first bite of ice cream and let's just say he was very concerned as to why this was the first time he was getting a taste.  He loved it...naturally!

We've got four of them and the two tops ones are coming in large and in charge!

Lots of babble and he finally said "Dada"!  Yay!  Now of course, he's lost the ability to say "Mama".  Wah wahhhh!  But he's a little chatterbox, even if most of it doesn't make sense!  

Ethan loves animal...both real and in books.  He loves giving "loves" to animals that he sees in books by butting his head into the book.  So cute!  He loves getting into everything...the drawers, the cabinets, the list goes on.  He opens and shuts all doors.  He loves cords and wires...naturally, the things he's not allowed to be around.  He also loves cars and trucks...all boy this one.  Last, he loves giving kisses, which I love of course!  Oh and water...he loves water!

He hates getting his diaper changed or being put in his carseat.  He also HATES having anything taken away from him and being told no.  We are in so much trouble.

We traveled down south for my girlfriend's bridal shower and I have to say that traveling has definitely become more of a challenge.  But he did great overall.  We've been on the go a lot this past month, so we're all looking forward to having some down time in August.  That is, until we travel to Chicago and Michigan at the end of next month.  We'll need lots of good thoughts for that plane ride!

Until next month!

xo natasha


  1. He is just way too adorable!

  2. He really is adorable! I can't believe how fast the time goes! It seems like all of a sudden we have to worry about them eating what we eat and no longer using a bottle... Happens too fast if you ask me!

  3. Oh my gosh, it sounds like Ethan and Cameron have the same personality - Cameron HATES to have anything taken away from him or to be told no! It breaks my heart to see him get upset, but then we usually laugh because it's so fake! Haha

    For the sippy cup, we just started giving it to Cameron with snacks. Have you ever given him one? It took him awhile to understand how to use it, but now he's only drinking from a sippy. We use the Playtex ones for 12+ don't have to bite like a lot of other ones intended for smaller babies; you just suck (sort of like a bottle), but it's hard spout, so that's quite a change from a bottle. We just kept giving it to Cam and he got used to it over time! Does he go to day care? If so, have them use one, too.

    Good luck!!


  4. Such a cute and happy little guy! Happy 13 months Ethan!

  5. What a cutie! Just noticed your new about me picture and love it! Congrats on being covered in Everygril too! XOXO

  6. How time flies! Keep at with the milk, I had a few friends say the experienced rash and blowouts while getting their babies adjusted to it and are now fine. So might not be an allergy/intolerance, just an adjustment.

    He is lean and mean! Taller and more teeth than Ashlynn, although her fourth is literally right at the breaking point, any day it'll be through. Love that ice cream face!

  7. Oh, so cute. I remember traveling with the kids at that age. It's tiring but so so worth it. Just bring lots of tricks and entertainment for the plane. He is such a sweetie. I remember the kids loved a post it notepad. They would stick the pieces of paper all over the seat and wall. . but no harm done to anything.

  8. Love reading your updates! I just had a little boy just one day after Ethans 1 year birthday, so I love to follow your posts and see all the things that I have to look forward too!

  9. Both our boys are tall and lean! I love it! Kaden switched to a sippy fairly easy. We basically went cold turkey (whole formula) with the exception o the bedtime bottle. We always gave him the cup at each meal or snack. At the beginning he didn't drink any... But slowly started to drink more and more. The night bottle was weaned down to 3 oz and then I just quit giving him it. I made sure we stuck to our routine so he still had so,e comfort in that. That was tough for a few days and then he was good to go.

    Hope that all makes sense. Haha! Good luck!

  10. I love Ethan's monthly updates! He is getting so big, I miss seeing him :( Hope you have a great weekend! xoxo

  11. Ethan is such a little stud, my Sofia would love him! His striped pants are adorable. Isn't traveling SO much more entertaining the older they get ;) Sofia did best on the plane at 2 months, now at 9 months she's a little wiggle worm - all I could think about was shots, shots, shots errrbody!

  12. I can't wait to see this little guy next month and play with him!

  13. He looks like such a big boy now especially in the first picture, such a handsome lil man he is!!! My daughter still isn't walking yet at 14 mon... I feel bad for their poor lil knees! Love the ice cream pictures, so adorable:) Happy 13 months Ethan!!!

  14. He is such a cutie! So many fun expressions. I love the photos of his first taste of ice cream. Looks like favorite, too. Have a great weekend Natasha.

  15. He's so cute! I can happily say that this month (when my son was 14 months) he stopped hating diaper changes and it's become sooooo much easier!! One day he just laid there and we haven't looked back! I always give him a book to look at or a toy to play with while I'm changing him! Now the carseat...that's a different story ;)

  16. I just did a post on breakfast meals for toddlers.. Lunch & dinner will post this week!

    To transition to regular cups we use sippy cups with a straw (by playtex)!

    Also try almond milk.. It has more calcium than cows milk... But make sure she's not allergic to nuts!

  17. How is he 13 months?! Still can't believe it! Oh and just wait till he starts saying "No." That is literally Mila's favorite word...and she drawls it out. "Do you need to go potty?" "Naooooo." Do you want a snack? "Naooooo." Can you pick this up? "Naoooo." Such good times. By the way congrats on your Everygirl feature! Amazing Mama! :)

  18. I feel like you read my mind. My son just turned one last week and we are having similar issues/things happening... Weight, height, purée pouches cuz they are convenient, transitioning to milk and the list goes on lol. Such a cutie! Love the ice cream face! Mason makes this look of disgust and horror that its so cold and then immediately wants more!

  19. He is the cutest! I think James walked after 13 months too- but I loved it bc then they are on feet instead of crawling around outside. And congrats on the everygirl feature- so cool and such a near and dear topic to contribute to.

  20. I'm late to comment but my son just turned 14 months and STILL isn't walking. So don't worry, you're not alone.

    As for the sippy, he couldn't figure out tilt spout sippys so we went with a straw. Started with the honey bear straw cup from Amazon to teach him how to use a straw and then from there, he's been able to drink from any straw. And straw cups are better for their teeth anyway.