{DIY} Closet Barn Doors

If you've been following along on our house updates, then you know that we bought our house about four years ago and completely renovated the interior {the exterior is still a work in progress!}.  The one thing that we hadn't done was come up with a closet door solution in the entryway and hallway.  

I didn't want traditional closet doors because then we would only be able to access half of the closet each time, and especially since our washer and dryer are in the hallway, that would make things difficult.  And I'm not a fan of accordion doors.  I considered fabric curtains, but just wasn't sure that was the look I wanted.  

I LOVE barn doors and they would be super functional in the entryway and hallway since they can slide open and then slide shut.  However, in doing some quick research, we realized that barn doors and the hardware can get pricey really fast.  

Enter the handy husband!

He realized that we could take two traditional doors {that match the rest of the doors in our house} and simply bolt them together.  And as a bonus, we found a reasonably priced hanging kit.  I was planning to add some fun hardware on the front, but now I like the look of the clean door front.  What do you think?

I especially love the way they look when they slide open...totally unobtrusive!

I even went ahead and added a mounted coat rack to complete the entryway:

Jean Jacket {similar} | Hat | Scarf {similar}

Now...we still need to do the hallway doors...that's next on the list!  

I'm so happy with how this turned out and grateful that I have a husband who can tackle projects like this.  Thank goodness for handy husbands!!  ;)

xo natasha


  1. Uau ,it looks so great that space
    Simple and very functional :)
    It is good to have a hubby with good hands,here luckly is the same

  2. looks so good! I would want to do that too but our closet is walk in with only one single door space...bummer. good job Ryan!

  3. this looks great! I've been wanting to build a barn door in my place as well!! xo


  4. Way to go hubby. That is awesome. Super great idea.

  5. I can't believe you bought your house four years ago! I still remember the day you sent me the MLS!! Love the doors - I think hardware on the outside would be cute! My pet peeve with closet doors is only being able to access half the closet. Can't wait to see them on Labor Day! <-- you know I am making this happen!!

  6. Ah it is SO nice to have a handy husband isn't it?? :)

  7. Love it! What a great idea! I think the new sliding door would look fabulous with an oversized metal handle to authenticate the barn door look! Now, if only my hubby was more handy...

  8. What a great idea, it looks amazing! Where is your hall rug from? I'm on the search for rugs :)


  9. looks great! i love having a hubby who will tackle my to do list too! he's currently being recruited to make a teepee!

  10. I love this idea. It really turned out great!

  11. Turned out so great! Yay Ryan! The entry way is looking goood :)