Supermom with Southern Charm: Mama Maggie

Hey y'all!  I'm Maggie, a southern gal who has lived all over the southeast including Knoxville, New Orleans, Atlanta and I currently call Durham, NC home... for now.  I started my blog Supermom with Southern Charm last year during my pregnancy and have enjoyed keeping family and friends updated on my journey as a new mama.  My baby boy is 7 months old, and I'm still nowhere close to being a "Supermom" but I'm doing the best I can!  As a new mom (I think I'm still a "new" mom, right?!) I have loved reading Natasha's Mama Series with all of the great tips and special memories. It has been extremely helpful and reassuring knowing that other new mamas are going through similar experiences, including the ups and downs.  I am so excited to be here today and introduce you to my sweet boy!

Thomas Campbell Whittaker III made his big debut January 10, 2012 (3 days fashionably late)!  Campbell weighed 8 pounds 2 ounces and was 20 inches long.  We got off to a bit of a rocky start when an elevated white blood count and a few other issues kept him in the NICU for a week.  Thankfully by the end of that first week he was a healthy baby boy, and we were able to take him home!

My favorite photo from his newborn session.  Taken at 2 weeks old.

Memories by TLC

Since I'm still a newbie I don't really have any earth shattering advice to share.  But I will tell y'all what has helped me the most along the way... don't sweat the small stuff! {Following this advice is a constant work in progress!}  I'm a perfectionist by nature so there are times I beat myself up and put myself under so much pressure to do everything flawlessly.  I'm also a working mama, so I'm continuously trying to improve my juggling abilities between career and personal life.  But no matter what you are struggling with at the moment (whether it be nursing, sleep issues, teething, etc.) just remember to give yourself a break, and take a look at the bigger picture.  Your baby doesn't know if he/she has a Pinterest-perfect nursery or if you are on top of all the household chores... at least I hope mine doesn't! :) All kidding aside, perspective is key.  A smile or giggle from Campbell usually helps me refocus and remember to thank God for such an amazing gift.

Soak up all the sweet moments because being a mama is one of life's greatest blessings!

he has my heart <3


h.davis photography

~family love~

I could stare at him all day...

A big thank you to Natasha for having me today... I'm so glad I could share a little bit of my life with you and your readers!  I have loved following your journey as a new mama.  Enjoy all the precious moments with sweet Ethan, and I look forward to all the exciting updates to come!


  1. So true not to sweat the small stuff. What an adorable little family! :)

  2. so true about the Pinterest perfect nursery lol! That is so me right now and need to get over that. I don't think my daughter really cares what he nursery looks like right about now haha

  3. So cute. I love his little whale romper.

  4. Love your message! Great advice, I definitely need to work on this myself, so thanks for the reminder!

  5. Great advice for all mommas. He is so sweet!

  6. Thanks again Natasha, and thank you all for the sweet comments!