A Dose of Pretty: Mama Sara

Hello, my name is Sara and I write the blog a dose of pretty.
I am here filling in for Natasha while she enjoys being a new mom. I am
here sharing a bit about motherhood and my family.
I recently wrote a post about the 10 things moms should try to do
and you can read about it here.

Just two months ago we were a family of three. 

And now there is four of us. I gave birth to Ella Sofia on June 3, 2012.
As you probably heard from the rest of the moms, being a mom is truly the best
job and the hardest. I love being a mom. It's the best feeling in the world.
I know this is so cliche, but I am struggling finding the words to describe the feeling.

Anyway, most of the time my house looks like above, toys scattered all
over the place. I would love my house to look organized every hour of the day,
but I have learned to let go and instead I am learning to appreciate
the lived-in look with toys. I have learned that baskets are a mom's best friend.
I literally have baskets in every room of the house so that when the kids go to bed
the mess of toys can easily disappear. It's important to me on some nights to enjoy
a glass of wine with the hubby without the evidence of toys staring at us.

Congratulations to Natasha on her new baby! Thanks for having me
on your wonderful blog.


  1. Thanks Natasha for having me over. I just linked up the post from my blog. I hope you are having a great day today.

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  3. Ah congrats sweet Sara, love Ella's sweet little name!

  4. I am learning to adjust to toys as well. Slowly our basket population is growing.

  5. Congrats! Beautiful. We are a family of 3 too... well 4 really because Sadie is growing right now. She is due late Oct. I can't wait, but I can wait! Much to prepare!? Advice?

    I love baskets too. Although my husband switched us to bins so we can "put a lid on the toys / get rid of what doesn't fit." It drives him nuts!