Our Reception

Hooray!  Today is the final segment of our wedding...and thank you to all of you who have loyally followed along.  I cannot tell you how much I appreciate your sweet comments of love and encouragement.  You really know how to make a girl feel special around here!  :)

It's hard to know where to start and where to wrap-up on the final post...clearly the first dances, cake, and toss are important, but the rest of the ambiance is what really creates a reception, right?  Here's my attempt at showcasing our reception the best way I know how!

First, let me introduce my bridesmaids:

Aren't they gorgeous?!

And of course...our handsome groomsmen:
We were lucky to have all our friends by our side that day!

 Introduced as Mr. and Mrs. for the first time!  

 Beverages to welcome our guests!

Our guests signed a coffee table book with our engagement photos on display.  It was fun for them to see the engagement photos and we now have it in our family room, where we enjoy all of the well wishes.

 First dance

 Surrounded in love.

 The famous dip and kiss.

Father Daughter Dance...to "My Girl"

A view of the room...the lake is out the windows behind this shot.  I love the architecture!

Do you feel the love in the air?!

I think everyone did!

There were great toasts...

Great dancing...

 Great cake...

And of course...the toss!

All in all...it was a great night!

I can't wait to celebrate our second year anniversary this weekend!  :)

PS...if you have any questions...let me know!  I realize I've glazed over a lot of details in my excitement.  Want to see the other aspects of our wedding?  Check them out here.

xo natasha


  1. Everything looks perfect! I love the room your reception was in - so pretty!

  2. so beautiful.
    you made a beautiful bride!


  3. I just love how happy you two look! And that picture of you and your dad dancing is so sweet. What a perfect day!

  4. Such great photos! You had an amazing photographer to capture your day! Love the bridesmaids' dresses, the centerpieces with teardrops, the joy on your face! What a beautiful day.

  5. Happy Anniversary! I love all your gorgeous photos...what great memories!


  6. what a beautifully, happy, and love filled day! there's no a single thing i DON'T like about your wedding- the girl's dresses, your dress (I DIE! it's amazing), location, venue, etc...all beautiful and perfect!
    I'm actually in the middle of recapping my wedding, if you want to check it out :)

  7. Your venue is gorgeous! The whole day looked incredibly dreamy!

  8. Everything was gorgeous! Looks like you really enjoyed your day!

  9. These pictures are so amazing!

    Love the location of the party, so beautiful!

  10. So awesome...my favorite picture has to be the little guy with the tie on his head gettin' *DOWN* on the dancefloor! It just proves that everyone was having a great time (c:

  11. You and the hubby just elude happiness! Thanks for sharing your special and beautiful day!

  12. what a fun reception!! looks like everyone had a terrific time and enjoy celebrating your 2 years together this weekend!! wishing for many many more years for you two

  13. looks like everyone had a great time! what a beautiful space for a reception! i hope you have a fantastic time celebrating your anniversary this weekend!! xoxo jillian:: cornflake dreams

  14. Everything was so beautiful!!! I love the room, the beamed roof was incredible - very tahoe! Have such wonderful weekend celebrating!

  15. so so so beautiful! :) you looked so happy! love the pictures girl.

  16. LOVE the look and feel of it all!! So gorgeous!! I totally need to do my recaps now...

  17. What a beautiful place to have your reception, it goes perfectly with your colors and details. So pretty Natasha! Again, this should be in a magazine!

  18. Happy anniversary sweetie!! Your wedding was beautiful and looks as though everyone had an amazing time. Those dancing pictures are classic. And that dip in your first dance?!?! Well, done!! Thank you for sharing your special day.

  19. Stunnninnnggg. I love every aspect of the wedding and reception! The architecture is amazing. I really want to get married there now! (:

  20. Your dress looks absolutely stunning in these photos! And I love the shot with you and your bridesmaids outdoors!

  21. Kinda dying over that dress. I think I need one.

  22. Gorgeous!!! That was one hell of a dip! :)

  23. This is absolutely stunning! Your dress is gorgeous and that building and background (the mountains) is ideal! I would have LOVED that!

  24. you are so gorgeous, natasha!!! such a gorgeous wedding...and, YES! i definitely feel the love in the air :) looks like everyone had an amazing time! xoxoxo brynn

  25. Thanks for sharing your journey to becoming a MRS!! I've loved looking through all the pics. Some have given me ideas ;) Especially the succulents! You sure look like you threw one amazing reception! How special to relive these moments as you draw near to your 2 year mark!

  26. So fun to see these photos! You looked amazing. The dress is stunning.

    I am in Tahoe! Would love to hook up for lunch next week. Would Monday work?

    simplifiedbee {@} yahoo (dot} com

  27. You both have beautiful smiles! These pictures are so sweet! The last one is my favorite! That dress is just stunning... I dream about it!

  28. You look very happy in these photos! I loved your dress and the color you chose for your bridesmaid dresses! Oh, and that style of bm dress is so pretty!

    xoxo, chrissy
    The Perfect Palette

  29. Found your blog through Friday Fancies & just had to come check this out! Your wedding looks amazing! And your dress is beautiful!!! :)