Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Random Wednesday Musings

Happy Wednesday Friends!

Just wanted to use today's post to update you on some random tid bits in my particular theme or reason...just 'cause!

 A little sneak peak of our new blue lamps...imagine them here.

Beautiful Mother's Day Cupcakes...from Sugar Pine Bakery.  If you're ever in Tahoe, you MUST stop by...they're delicious!

Old school Nintendo...YES!!!  Can't wait to Duck Hunt! :)

 A little update to the mantel...some spring moss and mercury glass.

The most delicious cinnamon buns...also from Sugar Pine.  Pop them in the oven and the cream cheese frosting comes oozing over!! 

 Some lovely coral roses.

 And poor Wilson got a little boo boo...he's such a ham with his limp wrist!

Also, I want to direct you to Delightfully Dowling...I got to do a SUPER fun food post hereIt's sure to bring a rainbow to your day!  :)

 What are you up to this Wednesday?  It just seems like one of those random days, doesn't it?

xo natasha


  1. Umm there will always be a place in my heart for old school Nintendo!!! Brings back so many great memories : )

  2. love random posts, specially getting to know little bits of your life ;) those cupcakes look adorable!

    and congrats on the guest post - loving all the sweet treats!

  3. Oh my!! I cannot wait to see the bedroom with the new lamps and whatever else you've got up your sleeve!!

  4. Love the color if the lamps! Needs those cupcakes and cinnamon bun in my belly..beautiful roses. ohhh poor Wilson! He looks so regal though! Love the life update! So cute

  5. Hey girl! Gosh I want a bite of ALL of those sweets! Poor Winston! Hope he gets better soon! He's so cute!

  6. I love the mantle update, mercury glass and moss makes me so happy! I wouldn't mind those cinnamon buns or cupcakes either :)

  7. Bless little Wilson's heart!! I hope he gets to feeling better!
    I LOVE the old school Nintendo! Too bad my dad gave it away without my permission!! Looks like I'll have to shop for it on craigslist!
    and those coral roses are gorgeOUS!!

    Hope you're having a great Hump Day! ;)

  8. Oh, sweet Wilson. Hope he heals quickly! I am loving your lamps! I have been searching for some that color for awhile and have not found any. Can you share where you found yours? Those cinnamon buns looks scrumptious. We're headed to Tahoe next month. I think a stop to Sugar Pine is a must!

  9. Your mantel looks beautiful! Wilson is adorable and I am now craving a cupcake.

  10. I love those new blue lamps and you're making me very hungry with all that yummy goodness!

  11. Wow. I forgot about that game! I imagine I drove my parents crazy with all that quacking!

    Your dog looks so proper and well behaved!

  12. Are the lamps from Home Goods?? My living room side table lamp bases look identical except gray I love them! And old school Nintendo ... love it!! Hope the rest of the week is great! xo

  13. Beautiful pictures! What camera do you use? I need a major major upgrade!

  14. LOVE the old school nintendo- I would play you at Dr. Mario any day!!!

  15. So many Wednesday goodies! Those cupcakes look amazing and I haven't seen a nintendo like that since the 80's!! Haha.

  16. Duck Hunt!! So fun.
    Poor Wilson, I hope he gets better soon.


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