Friday Fancies::A Royal Affair

Happy Friday Princesses! 

Kate & William are married {by now!} and I am just so excited!  It's not every day that an average girl literally meets her prince and becomes a real live princess!  It's really a dream come true.  ::sigh::  Even after growing up watching all the Disney movies, the story never gets old!  I'm truly enthralled with these two.  (:

Now, like many of you, I was not invited to the Royal Wedding, but in keeping with my fantasy, I decided to link up with {av}'s Friday Fancies and dream about what I would wear.

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding by schuelove featuring metallic pumps

I am in love with this royal blue Jason Wu dress.  The flower shoulders are so feminine and if you could see the back {click on the link above} you would see how stunning the plunging lines are.
No outfit is complete with out Jimmy Choo's...these have just the right amount of glam but don't outshine the dress.

The earrings are Oscar de la Renta...classic.  The ring has that smoky topaz that I am always drawn to. 

Last, but certainly not least, I thought this Britain inspired Alexander McQueen was perfection...rumor is, that Kate will wear a McQueen dress.  We shall see!!!

We're having a little viewing party tonight at our house to watch the wedding.  I'll report on all my loves on Monday!

  Hope you all have a great weekend!

xo natasha 
{aka Lady Margaret Muffin of Santiago}

For your royal name:
insert Lady
your grandmother's first name
your first pet's name
the street your grew up on
and there you have it...what's your royal name?? 


  1. McQueen and Jimmy Choo seemed to be all over the wedding! Love love love it!

    I also love how all the guests are wearing outfits I'd expect to see in any church on a Sunday... so classy.


  2. I absolutely LOVE that dress! So beautiful! All of the jewelry is amazing! Truly Royal!

  3. LOVE the dress! its sunning. xoxo lady roberta barclay ;)

  4. Oh I love that clutch!

    -Lady Esther Goldie of Christine

  5. That dress is AMAZING!! Fabulous choice.

  6. Love your color of choice. And that clutch is fitting for the occasion albeit perfect for your ensemble.

    See you at Buckingham.

    -Lady Leticia Wesley of Victoria

  7. Electric and royal blue was everywhere at that wedding! I adore that Jason Wu dress, it's flawless!

  8. That is a *STUNNING* ensemble...I know, I think my invite got lost in the mail, too! And Kate's dress was just oh-so-gorgeous, she reminded me of Grace Kelly...*sigh* oh to be a princess! Have a fantastic weekend Lady Margaret Muffin of Santiago!

    Kisses, Lady Edith Zoe of Evelyn (c:

  9. My princess name is disgusting: Lady Neva Chiclet of Whipporwill. Now she sounds like an interesting lady!

    Love that blue dress... I got goosebumps when I saw it. Really.

  10. That dress is fantastic! My princess name is Lady Martha Wilma of Gateshead. It sounds so funny!

  11. that dress is beyond gorgeous! Wow.

  12. You are right - the fairytale never gets old ;) That dress is stunning and I love the clutch. Just found you through HWH and I'm enjoying looking around your blog. I'm your newest follower!

  13. That dress is beautiful! I was up early this morning and watched it already ;) It was by accident too! A bout of insomnia...but I'm happy I couldn't sleep for once! It was amazing, I loved Kate's understated yet elegant dress. She is a class act!

    ~ I think I'll mention this on my blog tonight!

  14. Love that blue dress! The Royal Wedding was fabulous (absolutely flawless in my opinion).
    Have a great weekend.
    - Lady Juana Bucky of Rivadavia

  15. lovely picks - I am also thrilled with their wedding. great weekend to you!

  16. That dress is amazing! Love the deep royal blue and the shoulders.

    Wasn't Kate's wedding gown stunning? I loved it.


  17. That clutch is fabulous! you would have fit right in!

    xoxo Lady Elizabeth Duke of Paseo Olivos :)

  18. The royal blue dress is gorgeous! I think your royal name sounds a whole lot more royal than mine. Mine is Lady Lillian Impy of Live Oak. Too funny!

  19. That dress is....FAB-U-LOUS! I love the embellishment on the shoulders!

  20. Love that dress! I would wear everything you picked! Beautiful! I was a little upset that I didn't get my invite in the mail :(

  21. Lady Roxanne Barney

  22. Love the royal blue dress! That is one of my favorite colors! Great outfit selection!! Maybe we will get the invite to Prince Harry's wedding:)

  23. I'm obsessed with that dress! It's gorgeous! Kate looked stunning in her wedding dress! I'm a bit obsessed, too! Their love story is straight out of a Disney movie!

  24. The dress is to die for!!! Excellent choices!

    Brandi aka Lady Clara Mollie of Northhill (love this!) Lol

  25. Natasha. Natasha. Natasha. Could this outfit have been any more perfect? I think not. I love love love that cobalt blue and how you pulled it all together :) I'm so thrilled to have you as a Friday’s Fancies faithful! Can't wait to see what you create this week!

    xoxo Lady Rosemarie Daisy of Mark Twain {yes, it's true!}