Shopping for #SchueCasa

Life has been pretty crazy these days with back to school and the big move! We're starting to settle into the new house and I've already started dreaming of ALL the fun things I want to incorporate into this house. Patience is definitely proving to be a virtue!

Our sectional from our last house was too big and not really the right layout for our new family room. We've ultimately decided that two couches would better serve the space. We took the plunge and ordered the gray couch above, but it's kind of like the...if you give a mouse a cookie game...that keeps on going. So next I am eying the leather couch! And then a new area rug! And then a new ottoman! You get the picture! The game never ends!

We also invested in new bar stools for our kitchen island. We were looking for something with backs, easy to clean and also attractive. I really love how these contrast with our cabinets and make a little bit of a statement!

Other things on our long list...a new dresser for our master bedroom, a couch for the playroom/media room and figuring out what to do in the front room {dining room or sitting room??}. So more to come!

xo natasha


  1. Loving the updates! What is the length of your island? We are building a home too and I am buying the same pendants! My island is 71 inchs long I'm just wondering if 2 or 3 pendants would be a better fit. 3 pendants look perfect for your island size.

  2. Our island is 130 inches and I think three work well but they are pretty spaced out. I think they would look equally as good closer together for a smaller island.