Brother Update

Life with two boys is never dull...whether they're giggling themselves silly or screaming their heads off because one stole a toy or bonked the other's head, it's a zoo around here!  That being said, we wouldn't have it any other way and I thought it was high-time for an update!

Ethan :: 4 years

Ethan is 4 years old and just growing like a week!  He goes to preschool three days a week, rides his bike without training wheels, says his favorite colors are "pink and purple and blue," his favorite food is pancakes {according to him}, and he loves watching Disney movies.  Lately though his favorite movie is Spongebob Square Pants.  He still loves his trucks and is always asking for a new one for Christmas.  He especially loves driving his Power Truck around the backyard and is really good about not hitting his brother, who is in the way 99.9% of the time.  Ethan is our shy, sensitive guy...though once he comes out of his shell he warms right up.  He's a great big brother...and loves tucking Wyatt in at the end of the night.  His favorite activities this summer have been going to the beach, riding his bike and playing with friends.

Wyatt :: 20 months

Wyatt turns 20 months today and he is a ball full of energy!  He talks up a's constant!  He says so many words, and what he can't say, he will communicate one way or another.  He loves saying no {can't say yes yet}, outside, and dog...meaning he wants to feed the dog a treat.  He still loves saying "hi" and will say it so exuberantly...even when he wakes up in the middle of the night and we go in to try to get him back down.  It's HI HI HI pretty much all the time.  Wyatt seems to be a much better eater than Ethan, takes one nap a day, climbs all over everything, and tries to keep up with big brother on the regular.  He adores Ethan but won't put up with any crap.  He is definitely more outgoing than Ethan...we'll see how that evolves in time.

We're worried about containing these two once the winter hits...they both love being outside, always.  We'll have to work double-time to keep them busy.  In the meantime, we're enjoying the end of the summer and looking forward to fall festivities.

xo natasha


  1. They are just too much! Ethan looks SO much like Ryan in this pic!!!

  2. Wyatt and Mim sound so much alike! Those second kids are just amazing, aren't they?! I love the "hi hi hi hi" phase!