Spring in New York // What to Wear

Happy Wednesday!  Thank you SO much for everyone who has been commenting and emailing me ideas and tips for our upcoming New York trip.  We're only going for two nights {super quick trip!} but I hope to pack in as much as possible to really maximize our visit.

I'm already planning by making reservations for top dinner spots and buying tickets for a musical.  And now...I've started to think about wardrobe!

Here's what I have in mind {but by all means, please comment on any style tips!}:

Touring the City

Hat + Sunglass + Earrings + Top + Jeans {also love these} + Saddle Bag + Sneakers

I'm not sure what the weather will be like in early may, but I feel like this would be a suitable look to tour the city.  I'll likely bring my anorak too...it's been my tried and true jacket for cooler weather.

Night out on the Town

We plan to basically eat our way through the city, which means fun dinners and fancy cocktails galore!  Even though it will be spring time, I LOVE these leather inspired pants for a night out on the town.  If a dress is more your thing, check out this beauty!  Very elegant and yet simple.

Sunday Brunch

Of course, no trip to the big city is complete without a proper brunch.  I love this Boho look...I would easily wear this everyday if it was acceptable!

So...am I on the right track?  Do share!

xo natasha


  1. I definitely think you are on the right track. And since there are so many tourists in NYC, you can basically wear whatever you want and no one will notice. You'll see business people, super trendy locals, and then the tourists wearing running shoes and fanny packs ;). But really, I think your outfits are perfect to suit so many different situations. Comfortable shoes are key and in May, layers will be your friend, the weather here has been so unpredictable!!!

  2. So cute!!! You will definitely want to wear layers...it can get windy between those buildings! And shoes...comfy is key, even if they are high heels! Like Meghan said, you can wear WHATEVER you want because nobody will care! Have so much fun! You have me itching to plan a trip now!

  3. i love all the black and white! have a great time! xo jillian - cornflake dreams