Life lately has been busy between birthday parties, learning to ride a bike, walking {LOTS of walking} and overall chaos that comes with two boys!  Wyatt will be 15 months tomorrow...and Ethan turns 4 in less than two months...time is FLYING!

We've had some fun birthday parties lately between ice skating, fun zone, and more!  Wyatt loves his accessories right now...whether it's hats or shoes, he is into it. 

And I love this mirror....ha!  You can see more of our antics on Snapchat {schuelove}.  And you can buy these flattering jeans here...sorry, skinny mirror not included!  ;)

Ethan has been killing it on the Stryder bike lately, so we are trying to get him used to pedaling.  Hopefully he'll be riding sans training wheels in the coming weeks! 

I got this cute new phone case during the Shopbop sale...absolutely LOVE it!

We booked a trip to New York...I've never been before and I am SO excited!  Any tips on where to stay or go...or most importantly, eat?  Please tell me! 

Blue Apron has been back on their game lately and this pizza was definitely a hit!  We also recently signed up with SunBasket and like it as well.

Yesterday, Ethan and I went to our first movie together, Zootopia.  He did pretty well...though he had no concept of being quiet and when he wanted something, like oh say M&M's...he would lose his mind if I didn't have it.  Kind of I coaxed him with froyo after!

Being a tourist in our own town...checking out the Heavenly gondola.

All in all--a successful day!

A couple things...

If you're looking for a great pair of baby or toddler shoes, definitely check out these.  Both our boys wear them and love them!

Just bought this for Wyatt and I think it is too cute for words!  And if I had a girl, I would definitely buy this and this...gah!

This is a super cute toy...both boys love them!  We love most of everything that B. Toys sells in fact!

xo natasha


  1. How are our boys turning 4 this year! Seems so old! And I remember starting to read your blog when you were pregnant with Ethan and it's hard to believe it's been 4 years! Since I live fairly close to NYC, I'll have to come up with a list of things you should do and places to eat. When are you going and how long are you staying?

  2. Such a sweet little date with Ethan! I can't believe your boys are getting so old already! And so excited for you to visit NYC! Whatever you do, I suggest splurging for something in walking distance to Times Square. It was so fun being able to walk to almost everything!

  3. We love Nike's too!! You're going to have a blast in NYC.

  4. I can't believe our boys are getting so big!! Ryan's taken Mac to the movies once and he did relatively well for about 45 minutes and then was over it. I haven't been that brave yet! Also, getting ready to book my trip to Tahoe so I need to pick your brain about what to do and when we can meet up!

  5. Oh my! How is Wyatt already 15 months?? They are so big!The best thing about bribing kids with froyo is that you get some too! ;)

  6. Fun stuff!! Cam does OK at the movies, too...he usually lasts about an hour before he wants to get up and move...he also doesn't understand the concept of quiet, so I feel like I am constantly shushing him! Those skinny jeans...totally worth whatever price they were! ;) And New's so hard because there are constantly new restaurants!! If you can, here are my recommendations: edamame dumplings (they MELT in your mouth, SO GOOD) at Buddakan (I'm fairly sure SATC had many episodes there...the decor is amazing), STK if you've never been to one, Katz's. Honestly, pretty much anywhere you eat will be amazing. Where are you staying? Meatpacking has a lot of good restaurants...that's usually where we head!! Have so much fun!

  7. Ethan looks so cute with his popcorn going to the movies! :)