Salt in the Air, Sand in my Hair

There's something about the ocean that is so healing to me.  I don't think I've truly stopped to take it in before but this trip was all about reflection and reconnection.  

Ethan was my little travel buddy and did so well one-on-one as we traveled down to Newport Beach to be with my childhood friend and her family during a tragic time in their lives.  I really enjoyed the chance to be with my childhood friends and spend time quality time together.  I also loved showing Ethan some of my favorite spots that reminded me of growing up on the beach...the Balboa Ferry, the Wedge at the beach, the Balboa Island toy shop, and of course...yummy donuts!

There were a lot of beautiful memories during the weekend--planting shamrocks under Grant's tree, hearing about King from three very special people, watching Ethan cross the ferry and get chased by waves, coffee talk, Grit Cycle {the BEST!}, and celebrating a next generation of babies.

And if you're ever in Newport Beach you should definitely check out Haute Cakes, Cafe Gratitude and Sidecar Donuts

I hope you all had a wonderful weekend!

xo natasha


  1. I'm so sorry for your loss Natasha! So glad you were able to have time with friends and reconnect. Looks like Ethan had a fun time! So cute!

  2. I'm sorry you had to go for such a sad reason, but it looks like you guys really made the most of it and had some great times too! Love that white lace tee, do you know where you got it? Thanks!

    1. Thanks!! It's from TJMaxx but it's a brand called Guest Editor. It's super cute!

  3. You know, I literally live 20 minutes from there and I've never been to any of those places! I need to fix that ASAP! Especially Sidecar Donuts!
    So glad you had a wonderful weekend with you friends, despite the sad circumstances that brought you down here.

  4. Oh my gosh! Ethan in the last photo and the one of you girls cheersing! His face is too funny!

    I am so sorry for the reason you had to go down, but how lucky to be surrounded by loved ones!

    Thank you for the spin rec, I added it to my class list for places when I go down! I am only there sporadically and its hard to find good classes! Also, sidecar always!

  5. I completely agree that the ocean is healing. Something about the salty air just makes me feel so much better, no matter the situation.

    I'm sorry you had to make a trip due to unfortunate circumstances, but it looks like you made the best of things. <3

  6. Looks like you guys had a great trip, I'm sorry it was for a sad occasion though :( Ethan looks like such big boy in all these pictures, his curly hair just kills me! Xoxo

  7. What a special weekend, even under sad circumstances. Sending you love and prayers sweet friend x

  8. Glad you all have one another during this time. Can't imagine it's easy but I know good friends help!

  9. How special to get a chance to travel solo with Ethan! I'm sorry to hear it was a tragic time for a friend, but it sounds like you made the most of it!

  10. Looks like a perfect getaway trip despite the loss. Childhood friends and hometowns bring back so much and it's always so much fun to share your own children. Looks like Ethan was the ideal companion :)