Books Books Books!

I love books...and I've made it my personal mission to collect as many books for our boys as possible.  Books never go out of style and last for years, which make them a great investment--and a great gift too!

Which is why when Ashley reached out about sending us some books...I jumped at the chance!  Ashley works on behalf of Usborne Books {check out her site here}'s a little more about the company:

We are the 2014 Children's Publisher of the Year — widely respected in the industry and loved by kids! Our books are also backed by a lifetime half-price replacement guarantee. Schools and libraries buy our books as well. The books are very unique and keep kids interested. We offer home parties, Facebook parties and the hosts get free books! Consultants can also sell to schools and libraries!

Ethan's two favorites are the construction site book {which uses a flashlight to see hidden images} and the wipe-clean vacation book...because, duh, he gets to draw in it!  They've both provided hours of fun!

And since we're on the topic of books, some other current favorites include:

And plenty others!  Do your kiddos have any favorites right now?  Please share!

Thanks again to Ashley for helping us broaden our collection!

xo natasha


  1. A good friend of mine works for usborne too. Noah got that flashlight construction book for Christmas and he's obsessed!

  2. My son is a little younger than Ethan (2 and a half), but current favorites are The Pout Pout Fish, Chugga Chugga Choo Choo, Put Me In the Zoo, Press Here, Pajama Time (or anything by Sandra Boynton), and any book about cars, trucks, or construction! We LOVE books!!! I will definitely have to look into that flashlight construction book - because we (obviously) love flashlights too!

  3. The flashlight book looks perfect! So fun. We love books around here. Aria loves the crayon books...the day they quit and whatever the newer one is called.

  4. The big one in our house right now is Richard Scary's Car, Trucks, and Things that go. Both my boys are obsessed. Miller is really into dinosaurs right now so we love Dinosaur Rescue and Dinosaur Dig too.

  5. Such cute books - love the flashlight idea x

  6. Have your boys read "Go, Go, Go, Stop!" or "Supertruck?" I think they would like both of them!