22 Weeks

How far along? 22 Weeks {first 22 week update}
Baby Size: A papaya-he's a one pounder now!
Total weight gain/loss: 10 pounds
Maternity clothes? Loving this Old Navy maternity dress...so comfy!
Stretch marks? Still looking clear.
Sleep: I got a new pillow and I feel like it's made a huge difference for my back!
Best moment this week: Watching Ethan kiss my belly and show me his belly {by lifting his shirt}.  *heart melting*
Miss Anything? Just eating and drinking whatever I want...typical!
Movement: More and more kicks and jabs.
Food cravings: Nothing too out of the ordinary this week.
Gender: BOY!
Looking forward to: Our first fall wedding this weekend !
Differences this time around: My belly button looks like it's about to pop which seems super early compared to last time!

xo natasha


  1. Love this outfit and cute bump - my belly button also popped much earlier the second time round x

  2. You're adorable! Also, I just love your blog design! :)

  3. Seriously, how do you look so great all the time!! jealous!!

  4. I ordered that same dress from Old Navy, I'm supposed to get it this week - it looks super cute on you!

  5. I love that dress! You make anything look cute, though...pregnant or not!

  6. A big congrats!!! And how adorable is Ethan??

  7. That little Ethan is so sweet!!! Looking good mama!

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  8. You look adorable! My belly button popped so early this time around, probably right around 25 weeks and it's been driving me crazy. Now that I'm 33 weeks its finally starting to flatten out a little bit.

  9. so sweet hun! Can you believe how fast its going this time around?!!! Glad you're feeling (and looking;) great xoxo

  10. LOVE this dress on you! You look amazing! And are so glowing :)

  11. You look gorgeous pretty mama!! God bless you and your growing family! :)