21 Weeks

Sorry for the poor quality...it was super dark out Monday morning.

How far along? 21 Weeks {first 21 week update}
Baby Size: A banana {or carrot!}
Total weight gain/loss: Looks like 8-10 pounds
Maternity clothes? Yes actually! I just bought these black skinny jeans and LOVE them! So comfy and the deconstructed detail is a fun element. I have a feeling I will be living in them all winter...pre and post baby. It's acceptable to wear maternity jeans when you're not pregnant, right?? Also love this lace top from Zara.
Stretch marks? Not that I'm aware of!
Sleep: Sleeping well.
Best moment this week: Traveling down to San Diego to see my bestie and her baby!
Miss Anything? Not feeling like a huge blob!
Movement: More and more kicks and jabs.
Food cravings: Nothing in particular.  I actually got a BAD food poisoning case when I was down visiting my friend.  It was awful.  :(
Gender: BOY!
Looking forward to: Soaking up the last weekend in Tahoe for a while...likely the last sunny weekend too!
Differences this time around: I just feel so much bigger this time around.  My tummy feels heavy and it takes so much effort to do things.  I can't believe I have 20 more weeks to go...ugh!

xo natasha


  1. You look so cute! :) Did you get my email about Tahoe? I would love to hear from you!

    1. I did! And I just replied yesterday from my personal email. Let me know if it didn't go through! ;)

  2. bummer about the food poisoning! i hope you are feeling better now! you look great. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I love those maternity jeans, so so cute! I have been living in dresses all summer, so I'm working on transitioning my wardrobe to fall since most of my normal stuff no longer fits with the bump!

  4. You look great!! I lived in my maternity skinny jeans for months after Cam was born...no shame!!

  5. You look great!! Love the jeans. I just bought a pair from the GAP.

  6. You look beautiful Natasha! Fun to see that cute little bump growing!

  7. AG jeans are the JAM for pregnancy! seriously, i'm wondering how i made it through pregnancy numero uno without them! and for reals- number two and the belly. i just can't believe how quickly it arrived. insane! happy half way!

    ps- you look ADORABLE!

  8. Look at you, momma! You look AMAZING! I seriously am so excited for you... those boys are going to be the BEST of friends!!