Nine and Ten Month Favorites

I'm a little behind on our favorites from the last couple of months but wanted to make sure I got this out to you, even if it is a little late.  The months all seem to blend together these days, but these are the stand out favorites from month nine and ten.

Happy Puffs
Now that Ethan has his little toofers, he loves eating more solid foods.  The puffs are great, especially the sweet potato flavor, and Ethan goes crazy over them.  It's great hand-mouth coordination practice, helps get his chewing skills in order {though they melt in your mouth in mere seconds} and are a great distraction.  Think dinners out at restaurants or picnics at the park.  We love these things!
Happy Munchies 
Another new favorite is the munchies.  These are even better for biting and chewing and are also a great distraction...see a pattern here?
Freshly Picked Moccassins
There are many imitators but nothing beats the original.  I really can't say enough great things about Freshly Picked moccs.  They stay on Ethan's feet and are SO cute.  And I have to send lots of props to Susan, the owner/creator.  She is beyond generous with her company...always hosting giveaways to her readers.  They're worth every dollar too.
Now that the weather is warming up, we're taking advantage of being outside as much as possible.  This swing is great and cheap too!  
Activity Table
A must have for the baby who pulls up and wants something to do while he's standing.  We started out using the table without the legs and Ethan loved it.  Now he pulls up on it all the time and will start bouncing {his version of dancing} to the music.  So cute.
Outdoor Blanket
This is such a genius idea...a waterproof blanket that folds up up to a little bag!  It's great for the beach and park and super easy to clean too.  We love it!
Sippy Cup
I'm not particularly sold on this version of the sippy cup...I can't tell if Ethan is able to actually sucking water up or just chewing on it.  But it's cute right?  I'm hoping to start weaning Ethan off the bottle around his one year any recommendations on sippy cups that work for your little one are welcome!

xo natasha


  1. Caden loved the happy puffs too! He gets so excited when he sees the container. We also have the swing and have a similar sippy cup (zoli baby bot) with the straw.

  2. We had success with the Playtex straw trainer cups. You can squeeze the liquid up, so it's easy to "teach" them how to use. Once she got that down, we moved on to the Nuby straw cups because they don't leak AT ALL. Definitely a necessity with a toddler who enjoys launching her sippy cup every now and then....oy!!

  3. Love that outdoor blanket! What a great idea. May have to get one for this little guy to use outside. :)

  4. The Zoli straw sippy cups are awesome! My daughter had been using them since she was 8 months!

  5. I have been dying to get Scarlett some little moccs, but I am waiting until she starts standing more. They are so cute. I also love that blanket!

  6. My LO loves her activity table too (she's 9 months). I still have to find a sippy cup she likes....i find she swims in the water more than drinking it, lol!

  7. Your guides are so helpful Naasha! love each one! and i want those mocs so badly! i'm sure i'll cave soon hah!

  8. YES!! get him off the bottle before 14 months like i did...bad, bad decision because it has been a challenge with Caroline

    and if you aren't sold on those, try Thinkbaby--we just got it and she seems to take to it pretty well (So far)

  9. I love those mocs! They get so many raves.