Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Guest Post::Design Shuffle

 Happy Hump Day friends!  Hope your week is going well so far.

I was contacted by the peeps at Design Shuffle to feature a guest post for all of you today.  The topic?  All things turquoise.  Naturally I was intrigued!  I checked out their blog and was very inspired...lots of great tips and beautiful images...totally up my alley!  I think you all love them too!  I'm pleased to feature them today...check it out!


Hi all, I'm Susi, a writer for Design Shuffle, a fabulous social media site where you can meet other design lovers and design professionals, showcase your interior design projects and find inspiration. One of my favorite colors is turquoise (I love it paired with orange), so I'm happy to be guest blogging about turquoise for Schue Love today. 

Turquoise is kind of like gray, it can work with almost every other color. Touches of turquoise in a painted piece of furniture or accessory add a happy pop of color to an interior. Love it. Thanks for letting me and Design Shuffle visit Schue Love. Enjoy!

Turquoise is such a cheerful, happy color that can work in any decor. Turquoise accessories, like this hobnail glass vase, add a pop of cheery color to the room.

Turquoise Furniture Design

Turquoise painted furniture makes a cheerful accent in any room. Turquoise works well with so many colors that it is easy to incorporate it into most decor.

Massucco Warner Miller Chandelier

Love this chandelier hung with turquoise drops. The ornate plaster ceiling medallion grounds this gorgeous chandelier, a perfect match.

This turquoise bead chandelier is by Marjories Kouras. The beads make it feel a little bit more casual than crystals or glass drops. Beautiful, saturated color. This dining room is filled with beautiful decorating ideas. What's your favorite?

The mid-century classic Wishbone chair looks fresh and new in a coat of glossy turquoise paint. Love the mix of light and dark blues in this clean white kitchen.

Like natural turquoise stone, turquoise is a color with a range of hues. Love the pale turquoise on the bed and wallpaper accented with bright turquoise coverlet on the bed.

Looking for inspiring kitchen design ideas? Turquoise glass tiles are beautiful as a backsplash behind the stove in this chic white kitchen. White, silver and turquoise is a pretty combination for a kitchen or bathroom.

Painted bookshelves in any color are a great accent in a room. The turquoise color looks lovely with cream and antique silver accents. Even painting the interior of a cabinet or bookshelves can be a dramatic change.

This content was provided by Design Shuffle, a diverse network of talented Los Angeles interior designers to New York interior designers who can upload their portfolios and be an inspiration to design enthusiasts everywhere.Images [1 /2 /3 /4 /5 /6 /7 /8 ]


The kitchen and shelves are definitely my favorite.  I have that very kitchen pinned on

Thanks for reading along today!

xo natasha

P.S. I feel it necessary to let you know that I was in no way compensated for this post...just a fun thing I thought you would all enjoy!  :)

P.P.S. It's snowing right now...really?!?


  1. Gorgeous images! I especially love the chandelier in that beautiful white dining room.

  2. Umm I love the backspash of glass tiles! Def pinned it for future reference. It's snowing? I need to visit again!

  3. Enjoyed reading this post! I love the colour turquoise and that chandelier caught my eye also!!

  4. Beautiful! I love all the turquoise! And it's snowing??? WHAT! Way too early for that!

  5. That first vase is fabulous! And I love the pretty back splash!

  6. I think turquoise is one of my favorite colors. Love the chandeliers! :)

  7. Snow?!? Yuck!! Big fan of turquoise and I love that first pic with the purple flowers! :)

  8. Beautiful pictures! LOVE the vase in the first picture.

  9. I do not give this color enough credit or use, I love how they have incorporated it into their designs.



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  10. Can't ever go wrong with turquoise!! Especially in a chandelier!!

    Can't believe it's snowing there!!!

  11. I am loving turquoise these days.

  12. What?! Snowing!? It's too early for snow!! The weather is truly confused - it's going to be as high as 26C here in Ottawa this weekend. That's in the 80s farenheit, which is totally insane for October. But hey, I'm not complaining!

    I love turquoise - it's probably my second-favourite colour after purple. And I love turquoise & purple together. My favourite room in this post is the white kitchen (or maybe it's a dining room) with the turquoise & blue wishbone chairs. So fresh & crisp :-)

    Thanks for the prayers & good thoughts for Jackson - they worked! YIPPEE!

  13. LOVE the soft turquoise subway tile backsplash!

  14. oh my gosh, those chandeliers are amazzzzinggggg

  15. Love turquoise!

    And really...SNOW already?! wowww

  16. gorgeous pictures! loving them all!


  17. More eye candy please!! :) Love turquoise accents.

  18. Gorgeous post! Love the turquoise bead chandelier especially :) xx

  19. I love that turquoise chandelier and bed! WOW!! And seriously?! Snowing?? It's 90 degrees here!!

  20. Fun post. I had not seen that pretty kitchen before. Stay warm (I think it is supposed to warm up this weekend) husband is in Mammoth right now getting snow too.

  21. What a darling turquoise chandelier! So glad I stumbled upon your lovely blog...such fun decor inspiration!

    Liesl :)

  22. I love turquoise anything and these pics serve to prove how stunning it is in all its hues. Great post!


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