Gift Guide: For the Kids


As the boys are getting older, it's getting harder and harder to shop for them. They are less and less into toys and tend to be more into experiences and bigger ticket items. Wyatt just wants to keep up with Ethan too--but you can see the gift guide I put together when Ethan was 7 and Wyatt was almost 5 here. Cue the tween years I guess!

Bath Robe: A holiday staple--but make it fun with tie-dye!

Baseball jersey: Our boys have become OBSESSED with baseball! They got to go to three MLB games over the summer (it started with a SF Giants game for Ethan's birthday). Anything baseball related is sure to be a big hit for these two this year.

Virtual Reality Headset: Definitely a bigger ticket item but it seems to be all the rage. Another great "gaming" gift is the Nintendo Switch!

Night Soccer Ball: Love this for playing outside with the neighborhood kids!

Writing Tablet: A good alternative to playing on our phones during travel or at a restaurant--my friend has these for her boys and they love them.

Gizmo Watch: I'm not wild about starting the boys super early on cell devices, but I do think this is a good compromise. It has GPS and allows you to pre-load specific numbers. 

Ugg Boots: We love these for the boys during the winter months--easy to pull on and off and warm too! If we had a girl, I would buy them in "shadow"--such a pretty color!

Catan Game: I've heard great things about this game and we love to lean into family game time around this season. 

Duffle Bag: Now that we're traveling more and the boys occasionally have sleep seems like a good time to invest in a good duffle bag.

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

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