Recent Amazon Buys: For the Home


This past Sunday pushed us to check off some of our house items and that also prompted me to finally put a blog post for my recent purchases off Amazon. Without further adieu...

Wall Hooks: I purchased these for my hat wall {see above photo}. I wanted something aesthetically pleasing for when I wore one of the hats. I really love how these look in our bedroom!

Bamboo Shades: One of my most asked questions on Instagram is where we got our shades for our front room and here's your answer! You just can't beat the quality for the price...and my husband was able to cut one of them to size to fit our large front window!

Outdoor Tablecloth: For outdoor entertaining, this looks way more expensive and adds a sophisticated touch!

Bathroom Hand Towel Holder: Kind of random, but we finally ordered and installed these hand towel holders in our boys bathroom. I don't know what took us so long--having a towel easily accessible for teeth brushing is an absolute must! Plus, these are pretty too!

King-Size Duvet Insert: Another thing that I don't know what took so long, but we finally ordered a proper duvet for our King bed. We like to sleep with two duvets (his and hers) but we had a smaller Full/Queen size for each of us, which didn't look great when the bed was made. This is a great comforter and a good price too! We ordered this cover to go with it.

Pantry Organizers: Yet another thing that I don't know why I waited to long to purchase...but these bins--and these shelves-- have made a huge difference in keeping our pantry organized.

Air Fryer: We finally bit the bullet and got an air fryer. We initially thought we would never use it but it has been AMAZING! We throw in the kids chicken nuggets, cauliflower gnocchi, sweet potatoes,'s so quick and makes everything nice and crispy!

Citrus Squeezer: Last but not least, if you love making fresh-squeezed margaritas in the summer, then you need this tool! It really gets ALL of the juice out and will take your craft cocktail to the next level.

Happy Shopping!

xo natasha

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