Back to School: 2nd Grade Edition

Ethan starts 2nd grade this Monday...saaaaaay what? I swear he was just starting kindergarten and now we're on to his third year of school. Slow.down.time!!! This is the last year of Ethan being in school before Wyatt joins him in 2020. It's wild! much as I try plan to shop in person, I always end up ordering his clothes and supplies online. And this year, we actually got his school supplies a couple days in advance which means he gets to show up on day one, ready to go!

We have his little ice cream social later today, where he gets to learn who his teacher is and who is in his class. He's very excited and less nervous than he was last year, which is pretty awesome. I'll definitely share photos of his first day of school on Instagram, so be on the lookout!

Happy Back to School!

xo natasha

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