6 Year Old Gift Guide

Ethan's SIXTH birthday is today and I nearly forgot to post his birthday gift guide! I always find these guides helpful for scouting out ideas for birthdays. Ethan was pretty insistent this year on a new soccer goal and basketball hoop! He really loves hands on gifts, which is why the rock painting kit and blocks were a must!

Do you have go-to gifts for six year olds? Please share!

xo natasha


  1. These are such cute ideas! I added the 50 States book to my daughter's Christmas list. She'll be 5 this year! (and I secretly want to check it out, too, it looks fun!). Happy 6th birthday to Ethan!

    1. It's a really substantial book and love that it's educational too! ;)

  2. I cannot believe these babies are 6!! How? We just had them ;) All Millie wants is a dog...LOL well I'm working on that, but that wont be here for her bday in 15 days. haha no clue what I'll get her. LOL