Back to School Style

You guys! Ethan starts kindergarten THIS MONTH! How is that even possible?!

I still feel like Ethan was born just yesterday and that he'll always be our baby {must be a first born thing!} but I am also so excited for him to start this new adventure. He is like a little sponge right now and is learning so much at preschool. I am constantly amazed with what he comes home telling us he learned. It's really something else! And funny enough, during his preschool graduation, when asked what he was going to do when he grows up, he said "homework" joke! This kids loves to learn. So we are excited for him.

And luckily, his school is in our neighborhood and a bunch of his friends from preschool are going there so he will be in familiar territory.

We haven't received a school supplies list yet, but I am currently on the hunt for a backpack and some new gear to kick the school year off right. If you have suggestions, let me know! Oh! And let me know what your favorite booster seat is...we are getting ready to make the move.

xo natasha


  1. I love all of your picks! I have two little girls so perusing the boys' section is always fun and I think there is just so much cute stuff out for boys right now. As for backpacks, I'm kind of dying over this new-to-me brand at Target:

  2. Loving all the picks! I can't believe he's going to be in Kindergarten!