5 Year Old Gift Guide

I can't believe I just put together a FIVE year old gift guide...where has the time gone and how is it possible that Ethan is about to be a kindergartner in a few short months?

This year, I'm trying to gift him more activities rather than toys as I know his brain is like a little sponge right now. In fact, during his preschool graduation, he said that he wants to do homework when he grows up...too cute! I'm really excited about the Osmo Genius Kit! I've heard other moms rave about it and think Ethan will love it! I'm also intrigued by the drill kit and animal book! 

Also, a backpack is a must since he's starting school this fall and coming on the heels of kiddie kickers and T-ball...practicing soccer would be much more fun with a new net!

Last thing, we've had an influx of bugs around the house...prompting Ethan to observe them and Wyatt to squash them...and this ant farm looks so neat! I think Ethan would love it!

Do you have fun ideas for five year olds? I'd love to hear!

xo natasha


  1. This is a great list. The girls got walkie talkies (like legit one hunters use lol) from their Pop for a graduation gift and love playing with them, and A also got a watch for her bday which she loves so much. It makes her feel like a big kid and she's learning to tell time since it's an analog clock. Love the other ideas!

  2. Such a cute list - my lists are always pink or purple #momofgirls x

  3. I've heard good things about the Osmo as well! I actually just convinced Seth's mom to get it for Mason for his birthday in a couple weeks. Did Ethan get one? Does he love it?
    That drill kit looks fun too! Might need to add that to the birthday wish list!