Mother's Day Weekend

Happy Monday Mamas...did you have a good Mother's Day? I was completely spoiled by my was a good day, actually weekend! :)

We kicked it off celebrating our dear friend's mother's birthday. It was such a special evening, at the same venue where we got married!

My dress // Similar Heels {my girlfriend is wearing them on the right!}

My handsome date!

Saturday started off with Ethan's T-Ball game, where Wyatt is totally mesmerized by his big brother!

And side note, thank you got all the sweet wishes on Wyatt's fall at the previous game. He has four staples in his head that are supposed to be removed Wednesday luck. Wish us luck!

After the game, we went to Monster Jam {thankfully with some other mama friends!} and it was actually really impressive!

A much needed caffeine stop was made at Old World Coffee before heading home.

Gorgeous peonies!

Me and my boys at their school Mother's Day brunch!

Notice the reasons why Ethan loves me...haha!

Ryan and co. made me this awesome mushroom and goat cheese frittata for breakfast, SO good!

I also had to pick up some of these gorgeous flowers from our local grocery store!

We ended the day with Ethan's last soccer game {some meltdowns in between} and homemade curry...yum!

Hope you had a wonderful day as well!

xo natasha


  1. I'm 36 and I still ask my mom to scratch my back ;)

  2. What a fun weekend! Wyatt watching Ethan play t-ball melts my heart. I look forward to these moments with my boys!