Weekend Alone with Two Toddlers

I've been flying solo for the last four days and though I know this is not a big deal in terms of doing the whole parenthood thing, for me, it meant wrangling children in the mornings so that we all got to where we needed to be in time, bedtime routine with two-on-one and basically keeping my sanity!

I am happy to report that we all survived and had fun in the process...here are some of our adventures...

We kicked off the weekend with St. Patrick's Day. I totally panicked that morning and realized that I needed to do something so I ran a trail of Cheerios from the boys bedrooms, put green milk in their cereal, cut up a gift bag to make rainbow placements and let a "surprise" of green dye in the toilet. Ethan was SO excited about it, it made the hustle worth it. He's still talking about it three days later, which says something!

Later that day, we had special pictures taken in Ethan's 4 year old outfit. This outfit was worn by his grandma's family, his dad and now him, so it's pretty darn special!

When I picked them up that day, they were pooped!

I loved really seeing the boys play and hear all the cute things they would say to each other. Each night, when they went to bed, Ethan would hug him and say how much he loves his brother and how he'll love him forever. Melt.my.heart.

Thankfully, we had a fun birthday party on Saturday, which was great for burning energy, while subsequently overdosing on sugar!

Pizza night on Saturday night with friends!

Wyatt copies everything his brother does, so naturally, he wanted to float on his belly in the bath.

I've decided Sunday morning baths are the way to go...just look at these happy guys!

Ethan has his first soccer game on Sunday...their team name is the 'Jammers' and Ryan's aunt was beyond gracious in helping coach the team in his absence. Ethan had a blast and loves bragging about being the "star" of the team and making a "goaler"! Love him.

Shopping with two...a success! As long as there are cuties and cookies nearby...

And as I said before, monkey see, monkey do. Plus Wyatt has remnants of his cutie down the front of his shirt! ;)

I survived thanks to support from my friends and family, lots of giggles and grace with the boys and of course, wine. I appreciate my husband 1000x more in these moments...and as I type this, I'm hearing his booming voice read The Lorax to Ethan...thank goodness he's home!

xo natasha


  1. Ah friend, I know the feeling all too well. My hubs travels for work so often and it is so crazy when he isn't around - serious juggling act! A little nervous at how I am going to manage THREE on my own one day soon!! x

  2. Flying solo with toddlers can be so hard! When my husband is guiding he's gone for 14-16 hours a day. Some days require more wine and deep breaths than others! I hope you have a wonderful week!


  3. way to go! traveling alone with one baby was tough for me, i cant imagine how traveling with two would be! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. Oh my goodness. Look how big they've gotten! They both have curly hair too. They look like twins! Hope all is well. XOXO