Apple Hill 2016

This past Saturday, we made our way down the hill for Apple Hill.  This was our third visit and I feel like we're finally getting the hang of it!  We made three stops, all of which I would recommend and will want to remember for next year!

First stop, O'Halloran's Apple Ranch.  We've been here all three times and love the pumpkin patch for the kiddos!

Next up, we decided lunch at Boeger Winery was a good idea!  The grounds are gorgeous and very kid-friendly.  They have a sand pit with toy tractors and a real metal working shop.  Ethan even got his own "S" hook.  The wine isn't bad either, in fact it's really good!  ;)

Last stop was Rainbow Orchards which is a MUST as they sell apple cider donuts.  We also got a snap of three of the babes...

They grown so much since last year!


If you ever get a chance to visit Apple Hill, definitely check it out!  There are a ton of orchards and festivities!

xo natasha


  1. love your top! what a gorgeous fall day, looks like you all had a blast.

    I've got photo ready coordinating outfits for mama + mini over on my blog if you're interested!

  2. We've started a fun tradition. So bummed we missed the pumpkin patch. :(

  3. Such a cute babies all three. innocent and lovely.

    Thanks for the post!