My Favorite Skinny Jeans

I will admit, when skinny jeans first hit the scene I was very doubtful that they would work for my body shape.  I would say that I am pear shape, carrying most of my weight in my butt and thighs.  But over time, I have really come to love them and feel like they've come a long way too!

If you've got a similar shape...and you're a crazy mom-on-the-go, then definitely check these out!

The Mid-Rise Rockstar Jeans from Old Navy are my new favorite pair of jeans.  I did not think that white skinny jeans would ever work for me, but trust me when I say these are super flattering, comfortable and not see-through.  Plus, as a mom to two boys, I don't overly worry about them getting dirty since the price tag is so reasonable.

I've also heard amazing things about Articles of Society denim and FRAME denim if you're on the hunt! 

My favorite deconstructed jeans are Joe's Skinny Ankle Jeans {similar style in stock}.  They super soft with a little stretch, but keep their shape well.  If you have a local TJMaxx nearby, check it out because I just scooped up a second pair for $60!

A close runner up are the GAP Stretch 1969 distressed jeans...they're a little more high-waisted, which is never a bad thing!

And if you're looking for an invest pair of jeans, I've heard great things about the Current/Elliot Stiletto jean and the AG Ankle Legging jean.

All of that being said, I need to find a new "normal" pair of jeans, without holes in them.  Here is what is on my list...

DL 1961 Jeans {also love this pair}

MOTHER Jean {loving that frayed ankle detail...}

What's your go-to skinny jean favorite?  I'd love to hear!

xo natasha


  1. I love my DL1961 jeans and I've found Jbrand at TJMaxx too. I had the AG ankle skinny jean or jegging and they were super soft and stretchy, like an actual legging. I prefer a bit more structure, but they were definitely comfy as hell.

  2. I'm the opposite, I was doubtful about skinny jeans and still am. I'm an hourglass shape with big boobs and I feel flared jeans best balance my shape. Anything too narrow on top just make my boobs seem bigger which I don't want.

    I get my jeans from BR, Gap or Guess...never been one to drop too much money on jeans as I'm more of a dress/skirt kinda girl :)

  3. These are all cute. I've never spent this much on jeans before and just dont have it in the budget to do so. But if you do, good on ya!

  4. I just ordered the ON white skinnies! I have recently fallen in love with Kut from the Kloth...they feel like butter; they are so comfy!

  5. I have some skinny jeans from Old Navy too and LOVE them. I NEVER ever in a million years thought I could wear or look good in skinny jeans with my body type, but I'm LOVING the skinny on the bottom and a looser top on top. My go to look now!