A Three Year Old Gift Guide

Ethan's birthday is THIS Friday!  I honestly cannot believe he's turning three years old...time is just flying by!  I had a request to put together a three year old gift guide, so here it is!

Strider Bike- One of Ethan's best friends is now four and rides a two-wheeler bike with no training wheels, thanks to the strider bike.  How amazing is that?!  Ethan needs to get to practicing this summer!

Pool Floats- Ethan loves this beach so far this summer and had a blast hanging out on a inflatable tube.  I figured we can up the ante by getting him a fun pool float.  I especially love the stingray and donut!

Books- My philosophy is that you can never have enough books.  I want to add this and this to his collection.

Boxer briefs- I mean, how cute are these?  They seem like a great alternative to tighty whities!

Trains and tractors- As a girl growing up with all brothers, I loved playing with my brother's train set.  AND I really love the look of this retro tractor...it's metal!

Mini Power Loader- I think Ethan would literally die and go to heaven if he got this.  A loader that he could actually drive around and create rock piles, all by himself?  He might explode!

Do you have any fun gift ideas for a three year old?

xo natasha


  1. Definitely get a strider bike! Liam has had one for only 2+ months and is already using his in the mountains & at bike parks. I think he could possibly be ready for a petal bike by the end of summer! And our new favorite truck brand is Bruder!!'

  2. We have Goodnight Already, I think I like it more than Ashlynn haha. And my friend her son will be 3 in August and she's talking about getting him a real bicycle because he's seriously so good at his balance bike. Ashlynn's even showing improvement on hers, so glad we won't have to deal with training wheels!

  3. The Boy Who Cried Ninja! I'm going to have to look into that book! Sounds super cute. Thanks for the gift ideas. I can't believe Mason turns three in less than a month! Eeekk!

  4. We got Carter that John Deere digger for his 3rd birthday. He freaking loves it! We actually got it used from a friend but it works great. He rides it every day and begs to go on it and its been 2 months and he's still so into it! He also has a balance bike but he prefers his tricycle.

  5. MH will be three in September, and I'm already looking for birthday ideas. Love your list! I can't decide whether to go the strider bike route or regular bike with training wheels route. We have the John Deere front end loader and it is hands-down his favorite thing to play on outside. He's been terrorizing the neighborhood on it all summer. - tara | tannerandpark.com

  6. Is it crazy I think those little boxer briefs are just too adorable?! Baby boy is still in the belly and I'm ready to hoard these! lol! We got one of those balance bikes for K's 2nd birthday, but I have to admit it's still in the box yet to be assembled. Look forward to your posts on it!

    xx Viv at JoieDeViv