38 Weeks

How far along? 38 Weeks {first 38 week update}
Baby Size: The size of a leek?
Total weight gain: 30ish pounds...somewhere in that ballpark.
Maternity clothes? Just scooped up this top from Target...basically lots of sweaters and leggings.
Stretch marks? Looks like I'm still in the clear...from what I can see!  
Sleep: Ugh, this last week has been rough!  Ethan has had the flu which has kept us up and we're in the process of painting Ethan's new room, which was previously the kitty's lair...so she is disheveled, and taking it out on us.  And I'm just over the shifting from side to side and feeling like a turtle on its back every time I get out of bed.  Fun times!
Best moment this week: Finally getting Ethan's big boy room started and of course, celebrating the new year...2015 is going to be a great one!  ;)
Miss Anything? There's a lot that I miss, but there is also a lot that I love right now.  I love the rolls and the kicks and know I will miss it once he's out.  I'm also trying to cherish every moment with Ethan and I know I'm going to miss that once this new baby comes along.  All in all...everything that I miss doesn't compare to everything that I love about being pregnant right now.
Movement: Keeping a close eye on the movement every day!
Food cravings: Eh, kind of over food at the moment...
Gender: BOY!
Looking forward to: Meeting our little guy THIS month and finally getting prepared for his arrival...as in washing clothes, buying diapers and getting his nursery set up...finally!
Differences this time? Well this time last pregnancy, I was on maternity leave by this point.  It was also summer!  This time, I'll likely work closer to my due date...so that should be interesting!

xo natasha


  1. you look great! i love your sweater :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. I can't wait to see both of their rooms!! You still look so good!! Cute top!

  3. You look so gorgeous! Almost there, can't wait to see the new nursery!

  4. You are all tummy! You look beautiful Natasha. So soon now!! I hope Ethan is feeling better today.

  5. You look great! I was so much more relaxed about everything the second time around.

  6. Looking great! Any day now. The full moon didn't help with my sleep the last few nights :(

  7. LOVE your maternity style! Lookin' good mama! You're so close!

  8. aw youre so cute! it seems like yesterday that you just announced your pregnancy! can't believe he's due this month!