15 Weeks

So I think I will do weekly updates, as long as you're ok with slightly blurry iPhone pictures!  ;)

How far along? 15 Weeks {first 15 week update}
Baby Size: An orange
Total weight gain/loss: I think I'm finally back to putting on weight.  I'll find out my official weigh-in later today.
Maternity clothes? Still no.  This dress is from Gap {similar here} and the necklace can be found here.
Stretch marks? No
Sleep: Still solid.
Best moment this week: Just enjoying Tahoe in the summer.  
Miss Anything? Eating whatever I want.  I had another unfortunate food experience this past week.  I accidentally ate moldy bread.  Now, in my defense, there was no visible mold but it definitely smelled funky and I just wrote it up to my crazy pregnant smell abilities.  But yesterday morning, Ryan went to make a sandwich for Ethan and it smelled SO bad, almost like acetone.  A quick Google search revealed that it's definitely mold.  :(
Movement: Definitely feeling more and more movement by the day...those little kicks are undeniable!
Food cravings: I really want a gourmet doughnut and ice cream.  Anybody??
Have you started to show yet: Definitely a big bump.  I think I can already retire this question.
Gender prediction: Still waiting to see!
Looking forward to: Having my best come to town this weekend and going to Lady Gaga!!
Differences this time around: I feel like everything is going so much faster this time around.  I would count the days down during my first pregnancy and I can't believe I'm already at 15 weeks.  Because of that, I also feel like it's hard for me to focus on the fact that I am pregnant again.  Especially now that I'm feeling better for the most part, it all seems to be pretty surreal.  I'm sure finding out the sex will make me connect more.

Oh and I also went for the "bronde" look...what do you think??

xo natasha


  1. You look fabulous!!! Love the "bronde" (and that dress too!)! xx

  2. Hair looks awesome (so does your bump)... I'm glad you are doing the updates. I think I smushed mine into monthly ones but that was because I hated having to upload my pics... prob would have done weekly with an iPhone too :)

  3. Lovely pic - second pregnancy definitely flies by faster than the first! So happy for you x

  4. love the "bronde"!!!! You look fabulous with that little bump!!! Enjoy Gaga!

  5. i love your hair!! have fun at the concert. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. Your hair looks great and so fun you're going to Lady Gaga! That's also awesome that you can already feel the baby move, I'm sure that this time around you know what those feelings are like so they're a little easier to identify vs. the first time! Can't wait to find out what you're having! :)

  7. I love your hair Natasha! Really pretty on you. So fun reading your pregnancy updates and how exciting to feel the baby moving!!

  8. AH!!!!!!! I missed this??? Congrats Natasha! Going back to re-read your other posts so I can catch up! Exciting news, Mama!!!

  9. how did i miss this news!!!!
    you are so stunning mama.
    i am thrilled for your family! congrats!

  10. You look great and are only a few weeks behind me!

  11. Oh man first bad peaches now bad bread! Girl you can't catch a break!