H&M Kid Picks

For the Boys: Beanie | Striped Shirt | Sweater | Pants | Jeans | Boots
For the Girls: Sweater | Vest | Heart Pants | Leggings | Flats

Move over Baby Gap and Zara...there's a new online store in town {well...don't go too far, I still love you!} but I am SO excited that H&M is officially available online.  They have so many cute things for the kiddos...and at great prices too!  I picked out some of my favorite for the fall above.  I'm just dying over all the stripes for the boys and the darling hearts and florals for the girls.  This is definitely dangerous!

And if you're still in the summer frame of mind {I know I am!}, then be sure to head on over to The Style Letters and check out my "Summer Must Haves"!

Have a great weekend!

xo natasha


  1. Awesome! I'm going to have to check out the website for my kids... Ok, and see what they have in my size too ;)

  2. eeep! these toddler clothes are TOO cute :) it makes me really want to have a baby! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. Ditto on the "seeing what they have in my size" comment! ;) What adorable pieces! :)

    sorelle in style

  4. that floral vest is adorable!! does that come in my size?? haha xo


  5. H&M seriously has the cutest things...and for great prices! :) Happy weekend, Natasha!

  6. I looooove H&M kids section and that vest is soooo adorable!

  7. I ordered that blue striped cardi from H&M for Hayden last week and when I saw it in person I almost died, it is SOOOOO cute!

  8. As if my uterus weren't hurting for babies any more...

    We have a kids' section at the H&M at our mall, and it's fantastic! Just having that store online is so dangerous now though...

  9. LOVE all of your picks! I can't wait to get to shopping!

  10. STOPPP itttt, the rabbit sweatshirt!? I can't handle it - it's definitely on our fall shopping list now ;)

    Instagram: megawat

  11. Oh goodness, I love those little boots and the green pants! I'm so glad they're FINALLY online. What took them so long?!

  12. I am loving that you can now shop online at H&M and I actually bought my son some clothes, including that adorable cardigan and green pants! I've gotten him tops and shorts there before, but I was floored when I opened up the pants...they were so long! I bought a few different pairs and they all seemed long enough to fit a toddler! Since you shop there for Ethan have you noticed that their pants are super long, should I size down? Would love your input!!

    1. I actually haven't bought any jeans yet, so thanks for the advice on the length! Sizing down could work or I roll the legs up until Ethan grows into them! ;)

  13. Thanks for your response! I actually did a little research on H&M baby sizing last night and one mom had a picture of her perfectly chubby 1 year old in a size 2-4 month pants! I think I was on point thinking the 9-12 month size could fit a toddler!! But, their clothes are so cute and priced so well...might just need to size WAY down in the pants!!

  14. This is really awesome style for teen boys and i like the color combination really much.Good work.