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Friday, September 12, 2014

Ethan's Big Boy Room // Inspiration Board

Dresser // Lamp // Lion Art // Deer Head-Urban Outfitters // E Letter // Curtains

I'm starting to put together some ideas on how I would like Ethan's room to come together.  I'm really drawn to graphic prints with a touch of whimsical fun...while of course, being masculine.  The centerpiece of his room will be the bed...and choosing a bed for a boy is hard.  I'm most drawn to the above bed and the Jenny Lind bed.  We plan to stop by Land of Nod later this month to check them out in person and hopefully bring "the one" home.  

I feel like once we have the bed, that will force us to clean out the guest bedroom and finally start to put his room together.  Don't even get me started on transitioning him from a crib to a twin bed.  I can't even imagine what fun we have in store there!

I plan to move his existing curtains to the new room, as well as some of the art.  You'll notice the fun tea towel artwork above.  The Hell Yeah is super fun, but sold out.  You can see how it was styled in this little boy's room here.  And I actually think the Ba Ba Bonkers version is more appropriate for his room anyway...need to get it before it's gone!

Last, I want a place for him to play and display his books.  I definitely want to include some built-in book ledges and his teepee so he can lounge around and read.  I'm not sure if I'll include a rug in his room...there may be enough already going on.

So...what do you think?

I hope you have a great weekend!

xo natasha

OH and the winner was chosen for the digital print.  Was it you?

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Gender Neutral Nursery

A little while back, I started dreaming up the next nursery.  With Ethan, I chose lots of color and pattern for his nursery.  This time around, I think I want to go with something a little different.  Regardless of the sex, I think black and white is really fun and graphic. 

Of course, I am sure once we know, I'll change my mind again, but for the moment, I really love this look.  Several of these items are no longer in stock {like I said, I put this together several months ago}, but here is a breakdown of the items in the board above:

I think if it were for a boy, I would switch out the gold for this, this and this.

What do you think?

xo natasha

Friday, May 30, 2014

Decor for the Big Boy Room

It's been on my mind to update Ethan's room.  I first posted about his big boy bed, but of course, Ethan is still sleeping in his crib, and we'll keep it that way for as long as possible.

I've also started to think about updating some of his decor.  While I never aimed to have a "baby" theme to his nursery, it's clear that it's more baby that big boy.  Here are some of the elements I would like to update:

The gallery wall

I love the idea of adding fun and modern prints to update Ethan's room.  Minted has some amazing options and you can buy each print with a frame of your choice.  Win-win.  I'd also like to break up the gallery wall with some rustic decor, like the deer antlers and letter.

The rug

Speaking of modern, I want to swap out his rug for something a bit more graphic.  It may be overdone, but I freaking love this Ikea rug...and it will be mine Ethan's.

The next thing to figure out is the bedding and window treatments...good thing I have time {fingers crossed!}.

Have a great weekend!

xo natasha

PS...tomorrow is the last day to enter for a chance to win some fun toddler and mama goodies!

Thursday, May 29, 2014

Design Showcase: A Multipurpose Room

I love a great challenge and Kate reached out a couple months ago to see about getting some advice for her mom, Wendy.  I'll let her explain the challenge in more detail...

So I was telling my mom about your post and she asked if I could message you for her. (Hoping you can help because this room has gone on too long un

Her and my dad live in a cute bungalow and have this awkward room off the kitchen eating area.
My dad works from home so they are thinking a functional space for a desk and also some storage for work files etc...but also a space for when having people over some could sit in there or my mom could cozy up and read a book in there...and even a bar cart area/liquor storage..She isn't wanting your typical "office" look but a space for my dad cause right now he's working from the kitchen table :(
She just can't find a good desk/table that would work.

We're in Canada so don't have all the same stores as you guys but she likes Ikea stuff...we recently got a Target and as you know great stuff there..we have a Homesense (which is just like your Home hit and miss but getting some great things in now for spring)

Her and I have very different taste as she's more into the neural beiges...she's loving the blues in greens in the rug in there now (from Target) and their flooring is a brown house is all greys and more modern so hard for me to help her sometimes.

The thing I like most about this room is that it needs to serve several office, a sitting area, an entertaining area {especially being right off the kitchen}...and it needs to look like it makes sense all at the same time.  I love Wendy's neutral palette and classic style...but I thought it allowed for some fun pops of color.  Here's what I came up with:

Shelf // Arm Chairs // Side Table // Pillow 1 and 2 // Vase 1 and 2 

I would plan to keep the existing area rug in the room and have the large shelving unit either go against the far wall or the one opposite the windows, depending on the dimensions. I think the desk would look great on whichever wall the shelf doesn't go on. And the chairs would nest along the wall with the windows. This current design might be a bit more modern than what Wendy wants, but I think the pop of the lime color helps to keep the space fresh and bright.

I personally love bringing traditional and more contemporary looks together...I would say, invest in the pieces that you want to last a long time, like the bigger pieces of furniture and try to find deals on the accent decor.

I think I will be taking a break from this series for a little while.  If you emailed me originally and would still like me to take a go, please let me know.  I am happy to work with you...I just want to make sure you're still interested.  Hopefully I can bring some more ideas over the next couple of weeks.

xo natasha

Thursday, May 22, 2014

Design Showcase: Paisley Guestroom

After a little hiatus, I'm back with another design showcase!  This time, it's for Tammy's guest bedroom.   For me, guest bedrooms are like a blank can really do anything your heart desires in there, especially if you want to add some feminine touches {no husband to try to compromise with!}.  Here's a little more from Tammy:

We recently moved into a new home and I have a guest room that is needing a major overhaul. This bedroom has a big pretty window looking out the front of our house, it's own full closet and full bathroom for guests, so I want it to be inviting. There is a queen size bed that stays, the remaining furniture is pretty ugly (husband's bachelor pad days set) and I'll probably be Craigslisting it soon. 

I can get you room dimensions if you'd like. I'm attaching some pictures. The headboard is new from Target and is very blah, but I'd like to work with it. I'm open to painting/light fixture change/pretty much anything! Budget-wise, I guess depending on furniture (because I know that will increase it fast!), I'd like to stay around $1,000. 

I like these two duvet covers from PB (apparently I have a thing for Paisley?), but have no idea where to go with them. I'm definitely open to other ideas too! It might be fun to do something more contemporary/bold...

See what I mean?  Blank canvas!  Knowing she wanted to incorporate the paisley duvet, I built a room around that.

I love mixing more traditional elements with some modern elements to keep a space fun and exciting.  This contemporary rug adds just the right balance and the stripes keep the space filling young.  I am also loving that beach art...isn't it beautiful?

I definitely got some ideas for my own bedroom...loving the blues {no surprise there!}.  Thanks to Tammy for letting me take a spin on your room!

xo natasha

PS...don't forget to enter my $200 Minted Giveaway here...and my toddler + mom giveaway here!

Thursday, May 1, 2014

Design Showcase: Adding Some Personality into the Family Room

Sara recently reached out about updating her family room.  I personally can atest to how much time we spend in our family room.  It's a gathering spot for family and friends as well as the heart of the home.  A little more from Sara on the specifics:

When Kevin and I went furniture shopping for our living room, we chose to purchase a dark brown leather living room set. We figured with the amount of traffic and usage that this furniture would get with future kids, a dog, and guests, it would be the most functional furniture for the space. It wouldn't show dirt and it would be easy to wipe clean. The only problem is I didn't consider how hard it would be to decorate around dark brown furniture. At a loss for how to decorate this space, this is how this room has sat for the last two years... dull and lifeless!

Since this room is where all of our friends and family hang out when we entertain and this is where my little family spends our time together, I want it to look and feel comfortable and inviting. It definitely needs to have a homey atmosphere. The only thing that needs to stay in the room are the major furniture pieces... the living room set, end table, coffee table, and grandfather clock. Everything else is free to go. Though we can definitely rearrange the furniture in the room if you have other ideas about it's placement. I would love to update the pillows, curtain panels, lamp, wall art, mantle decor, and even possibly the bookshelf in the corner. I'm not a big fan of our bookshelf but I wanted some way to display trinkets and photographs. I'm a sucker for photographs and monograms and would love to incorporate them in both in this room. Last but not least, I most definitely want to add some color into this room. Currently on my love list are shades of coral and aqua though I'm open to any color ideas that you may have. I don't really have a set budget for this space but I'd prefer to stick with a budget somewhere around $1000 or less. 

I hope this information will help you because I would love it if you could please help me add life and personality to this room in our home!

Sarah's current family room definitely has a more traditional feel to it, with lots of dark furniture and accents.  I was excited to infuse a bright and slightly more modern element to it.

At first, I kept with the green accents:

Botanical Prints // Green Pillow 1 & 2

Ultimately, Sara decided that it was time for a real change and that we should add some more pops of color.  I was definitely up for the challenge!

Paintings // Pillows 1, 2, 3, 4 // Couch

I love the idea of updating the coffee table to something a bit more modern to counter the traditional leather couches.  These bright and vibrant Schumacher pillows are so fun and help modernize the space as well.  Of course, to ground the room, I love these classic paintings. 
Curtains // Chairs // Pillows 1, 2, 3 // Side Table // Lamp

I adore these bright and airy curtains and think they will really help to open up the room.  Those, and the glass lamp along with the open side table.
Shelves // Basket // Gold Sphere // Books // Succulent 1 & 2 // Ampersand // Candle

I am obsessed with these shelves and think they will look great on either side of the fireplace.  They're simple, modern and super functional to hold all sorts of fun decor.

So there you have it!  I can't wait to see what Sara ends up doing in here.  :)

xo natasha

Wednesday, April 30, 2014

For the Moms: A Gift Guide

With Mother's Day a week a half away, I thought I would put together a fun gift guide.  I know it can be hard to figure out what to get our moms {or...send this to your husband for a "hint hint"!} so hopefully this sparks some ideas!  :)

For the Wine-O:

For the Fashionista:
Snood  // Book // Perfume // Necklace

For the Accessory Maven:

The best part is, most of these items are under $50 and they're all under $100.

What are you planning to get your mom this Mother's Day?

xo natasha

Friday, April 25, 2014

Design Showcase: A Big Girl's Room

When I kicked this series off, I showed you a way to update a boy's nursery.  Today, I have an update for a girl's room.  Mama Karli had already bought an adorable quilt from Anthropologie and was eying the coveted Jenny Lind bed.  So the rest was up to me to pull the look together.

Gallery Wall: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

They say that a room often evolves from one thing and in this case, it's true!  The beautiful quilt was a great inspiration and jumping off point for the room.  I love all of the colors and how eclectic it is.  It's also something that can really grow with her daughter.  The arm chair picks up on the colors on the quilt, as well as the pink in the gallery wall.  Last, isn't this mirror a perfect touch?  Gotta love finds like that!

Can't wait to see how Karli updates the room!

And if you've emailed me and you're still waiting to hear from that I am slowly but surely making my way through my email.  If you want to shoot me a quick email to let me know that you're still interested...that would be AWESOME!

Have a great weekend!

xo natasha

Friday, April 18, 2014

Amazing Boho Chic Interiors

You guys!  I have a fun treat for Friday.  I honestly feel like I've been hiding under a rock, but I recently connected the dots to realize that many {and I mean MANY} of my favorite interior designs were by the same person.  Amber Interiors.  She is amazeballs.  Like, talk about patterns, colors, textures galore.  I am obsessed with her spaces.  Intrigued?  Let me lead the way...

Do you see what I mean?!  Amazing eye candy...your welcome!  Be sure to check out the rest of her site...she's always blogging about design tips and tricks and has an awesome shoppe too!

I hope you have a wonderful weekend!!

xo natasha

PS...last chance to enter to win an adorable top or onesie for your little!

Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Design Showcase: Awkwardly Shaped Living Room

Kendall contacted me regarding her awkwardly shaped living room.  She and her husband {along with her three dogs} recently moved in and she's looking to find furniture that will fit the new space a little bit better.  Here's more from Kendall:

We recently bought and moved into our house and our family room is the that has given me the most trouble. As you can see it is long and narrow. We aren't able to attach our sectional because of how narrow it is. We have been looking at getting some new couches. We have also thought about mounting the tv in the middle of the wall that it is on now. 

My style preference would be light and airy with some color mixed in. Eventually we will do hardwoods in here and new light fixtures are next on the to do list. 

I would love to keep the budget pretty low or even DIY some things.

Perhaps the more challenging detail about this space is not really the space, but the placement of the entry ways and how wide they are.  It doesn't allow for a large couch or sectional.  Luckily, there are a lot of compact options out there!

First, I think Kendall should consider a smaller sectional and move it closer to the middle of the room. The side table and lamp should nest between the couch and the wall. By moving the couch closer to the oppose wall, it takes advantage of the long narrow room and makes it more functional This way, they're closer to the TV and I would suggest putting a small console table behind the couch with a fun piece of art above it. On the wall where the TV is, I would move the media console to the middle and have a shelf on one wall and a sitting chair on the other side. Anchor the room with a fun coffee table and I think they'll be amazed with how much more functional the room is.

As for the DIY aspect, I love the idea of making some of the pillows, like the ampersand and LOVE pillow.  Another fun idea, might be to make your own print for above the sofa...whether you blow up a print or paint it instead.

I hope this helps to spur some fun ideas!

xo natasha

PS...there are still a couple days left to enter to win a cute Hen & Co top or onsie!

Thursday, April 10, 2014

Design Showcase: Gray & Yellow Master

I was recently contacted by Debbie regarding her master bedroom.  Since it's a brand new home, they're just settling into the space and figuring out what direction to go in.  You'll notice that the space is pretty large, which can often make you want to fill the space with furniture and decor.  Sometimes though, it's nice to let the room breathe a bit {something I'm still trying to learn myself!}.  Here's a little more from Debbie:

We just built our house not long ago, so excuse the mess! The room is big and I'm unsure where to go with it. We did just purchase the end tables, bureau and dresser, so I would obviously keep them. Also, this is the paint color we chose. It is Benjamin Moore, "Ashley Gray." 

Basically, I don't know what to do with the empty corner spaces and wall decor, and would be open to new bedding!

As far as colors go, I am really open to anything. Right now we have very little color. The comforter is an orangey/brown pattern, and that's the only color we have. We would probably keep the sofa we have in there, but could bring in some more colors with pillows or a throw or something to match bedding. Also the lamps are really old from Ikea and are just a neutral color and really don't look good, especially with the cream panels. So I am open to any color. I try to keep it gender neutral and not have it super girly for my husband. 

My eye tends to go towards warm/darker things with pops of color. I would like to avoid bedding that is all white if possible. With little know how that goes! We are young, I am 29 and my husband is 28, so we like a lot of modern looking decor, but also affordable!

One big thing I would like to accomplish is just basic wall/dresser decor that I get so confused about. I know I'd definitely like something over my tall bureau, and I'd also like to put some accents on the dresser below where the TV is mounted (the wires under the TV are in the process of being hidden behind the wall..we just moved in not long ago). I also get confused about what accents to put in the open corners, as they seem to look so bare.

The nice thing about this space is that Debbie has most of the furniture she wants to use int he space, so my job was purely integrating decor and a couple accent pieces.

Pillows: 1 // 2 // 3 // 4

This gorgeous painting was what I based the rest of the decor around.  I love the grays, purples,whites, and yellows and added some silvers to pull the rest of the room together.  Since the room has gray walls, I thought a white tufted headboard would serve as a great focal point.  Additionally, the white lamps and mirror over the bed would help set off the dark furniture as well.  I see the poufs going at the foot of the bed and the nesting tables going alongside the sofa.  Last, the candles and jewelry box would make great accents on top of the media console.

I really love this color palette and glad that Debbie was on board with it too!

xo natasha

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A Touch of Spring Around the House

Spring cleaning takes on a lot of forms.  One, I cleared out about 20 shoes of my closet.  It felt good to let my closet breathe again.  I still have more to do, but it's a start!  We also finished cleaning some rooms and adding some more decor around the house.

A sweet bird's nest nestled in our kitchen armoire.

A peek into our guest room...rid of laundry and suitcases.

Ruffly tulips...the best!

Three new additions to the side of the family room.  The main piece of art is by Drew of Coral Cafe.  The right print is Pure Joy Paperie and the left is by Ethan...talented little boy.  Frames are from Target.

And here's a wider shot of the room...bright, colorful, and cheerful for spring!

xo natasha

PS...thanks for all the fun feedback yesterday...loved hearing your thoughts on the bed choice for a boy's room!

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Jenny Lind for Boys?

Sometimes I feel sorry for Ethan.  Because, try as I might to be a good boy mom, there are times that I just can't help myself.  Sometimes I dress him up in leggings meant for girls.  Or encourage him to play with makeup.  Or...sing and dance to Disney music.   But I guess you can call him well-rounded, right?  My latest crazy idea is that I really love the Jenny Lind bed {I mean, it's all over the blogosphere right now} but I just worry that it's much too girly.

Enter Pinterest.
{When in doubt, always search Pinterest to reinforce some crazy idea}.

Welp, I'm pretty much convinced that a Jenny Lind bed is just as appropriate for a little boy as it is for a little girl.  

What do you this cool or crazy?  Let me know in the comments!

xo natasha 

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5

Wednesday, April 2, 2014

Design Showcase: The Tan Bedroom Curse

Nicole reached out about her subdued master bedroom...I love that she called it "the tan bedroom curse!".  I am just as guilty as anyone about sticking with neutrals when it comes to design.  When we renovated our house, we went with all whites, cream and beiges.  It's definitely the safe choice, but not very exciting!  So when Nicole reached out about helping her with her master bedroom...I was excited to take on the challenge!  Here's a little more from Nicole on her space:

I need some help with our bedroom.  I feel like I am stuck in the tan bedroom curse.  Eventually we want to upgrade to an upholstered headboard and kingsize bed and probably new dresser, etc.  We have new "tanish" carpet and would love to keep the curtains, but am open to other colors. Our bedroom is cream from when we moved in.  I love Ballard, Pottery Barn, and Dwell style. 

I will admit, the nice thing about tan is that it's easy to build on.  I initially only added in a blue:

I love this space, but truly, it's very safe.

So we added swapped out some of the blue for some coral...

Gallery Wall 1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // Dresser
Chair // Stump // Mug

And it was magic!  The perfect mix of feminine and masculine.  It's neutral yet fun with the pops of color.  Her existing striped curtains are the perfect base to build on...and I like how fresh, yet cozy the space is now.  Nicole...let us know how it turns out!

xo natasha

Monday, March 31, 2014

Spring Mantel

Hi Friends and Happy Monday!

I can't believe tomorrow is April already...this year seems to be flying by.  And as a sure sign of spring, we've already been getting our fair share of spring showers (and snow!) already.  Though I would love to see the sunshine and get outdoors, I know we desperately need to the rain.  So in the meantime, I've updated our mantel for spring!

All of the items are things that I've had from last year or around the house.  I know the vase is from Target {and I think this would make a fun addition}, the glass pillars are from Pottery Barn, and the florals are from Pier 1.  The rest of the Easter decor is Target from last year.

I love how it ties into the rest of the room as well!

Have you been updating your decor for spring yet?

xo natasha
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